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Recent Developments in Polymer-Based Photonic Components for Disruptive Capacity Upgrade in Data Centers
Recently developed photonic components for next-generation datacenter systems based on the Heinrich Hertz Institute´s PolyBoard integration platform are reviewed. Hybrid-integrated transmitters andExpand
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Wireless Data Transmission at Terahertz Carrier Waves Generated from a Hybrid InP-Polymer Dual Tunable DBR Laser Photonic Integrated Circuit
We report for the first time the successful wavelength stabilization of two hybrid integrated InP/Polymer DBR lasers through optical injection. The two InP/Polymer DBR lasers are integrated into aExpand
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Photonic integrated devices and functions on hybrid polymer platform
Photonic devices and new functions based on HHI’s hybrid integration platform PolyBoard are presented providing lowloss thin-film-element-based light routing, an on-chip micro-optical bench andExpand
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Progress in polymer-based components for next-generation PON applications
Polymer components for next-generation WDM PON are presented, incl. 8ch OLT-Tx and OLT-Rx devices using polymer AWGs and InP-based DFB laser and photo diode arrays together with a 40nm wide tunableExpand
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Polymer-Based External Cavity Lasers: Tuning Efficiency, Reliability, and Polarization Diversity
Three aspects of polymer-based external cavity tunable lasers are investigated. First, the tuning efficiency is increased from 0.29 nm/mW to a record 0.52 nm/mW by improving the microheater thermalExpand
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C/L-Band Colorless ONU Based on Polymer Bidirectional Optical Subassembly
A colorless ONU is demonstrated on the polymer-based hybrid integration platform. Polymer Bragg gratings provide power-efficient wavelength tuning over the C-band. Thin-film element is inserted inExpand
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Recent progress in InP/polymer-based devices for telecom and data center applications
Recent progress on polymer-based photonic devices and hybrid photonic integration technology using InP-based active components is presented. High performance thermo-optic components, includingExpand
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Power-Efficient Thermo-Optic Tunable Filters Based on Polymeric Waveguide Bragg Gratings
Tunable polymer Bragg grating filters with extremely high tuning efficiency are demonstrated. A buried heating scheme is used to achieve fairly uniform heating conditions in the polymer waveguide.Expand
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Hybrid polymer/InP dual DBR laser for 1.5 μm continuous-wave terahertz systems
A hybrid polymer/InP dual DBR laser at 1.5μm is presented as an optical source for heterodyne generation and detection of cw-THz signals. The device consists of an active InP chip as an active gainExpand
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Photonics-based millimeter and terahertz wave generation using a hybrid integrated dual DBR polymer laser
The generation of high frequency signals into the terahertz range is dominated by photonics-based systems pushing the development of ultra-broadband wireless communication links. Recently, photonicExpand
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