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Exemplification Effects in the Promotion of Safety and Health
After explicating essentials of exemplification theory, research demonstrations of the effects of exemplar presentations on the formation and modification of beliefs about safety and health, as wellExpand
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Mood Management Through Communication Choices
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Exemplification Theory: Judging the Whole by Some of Its Parts
Exemplification is a ubiquitous phenomenon in communication. It permeates informative, educational and persuasive endeavors in both interpersonal exchanges and media presentations. Despite this, itExpand
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Media effects : advances in theory and research
Contents: Preface. M. McCombs, A. Reynolds, News Influence on Our Pictures of the World. D. Zillmann, Exemplification Theory of Media Influence. G. Gerbner, L. Gross, M. Morgan, N. Signorielli, J.Expand
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Media entertainment: The psychology of its appeal.
Contents: Preface. D. Zillmann, The Coming of Media Entertainment. P. Vorderer, Interactive Entertainment and Beyond. D. Zillmann, Humor and Comedy. P. Vorderer, S. Knobloch, Conflict and Suspense inExpand
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Exemplification in communication: The influence of case reports on the perception of issues.
EXEMPLIFICATION IN COMMUNICATION: THE INFLUENCE OF CASE REPORTS ON THE PERCEPTION OF ISSUES by Dolf Zillman and Hans-Bernd Brosius (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates “LEA’s CommunicationExpand
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Excitation transfer in communication-mediated aggressive behavior
To test the effect of excitation produced during exposure to communication, both the excitatory potential and the degree of manifest aggressiveness of communications were assessed to select: (a) anExpand
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Mood Management in the Context of Selective Exposure Theory
In this chapter, the hedonistic premise of mood-management theory is examined and expanded to account for seemingly nonhedonistic choices of media content. Counterhedonistic message selection isExpand
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Exemplification Theory of Media Influence
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Mood Management via the Digital Jukebox
This study took popular music from the Top 30 charts and, in a pretest, evaluated its energy and joyfulness as musical qualities. The findings were used to create sets of musical selections that wereExpand
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