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Adoption of Agricultural Innovations in Developing Countries: A Survey
This is a working document published informally by The World Bank: To present the results of research with the least possible delay, the typescript has not been prepared in accordance with the
Yield Effects of Genetically Modified Crops in Developing Countries
Onfarm field trials carried out with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton in different states of India show that the technology substantially reduces pest damage and increases yields. The yield gains
The agricultural innovation process: Research and technology adoption in a changing agricultural sector
The chapter reviews the generation and adoption of new technologies in the agricultural sector. The first section describes models of induced innovation and experimentation, considers the political
The Econometrics of Damage Control: Why Specification Matters
The contribution of damage control agents to production differs fundamentally from that of standard inputs (lands, labor, capital). This paper develops an econometric model based on the key
Challenge of biofuel: filling the tank without emptying the stomach?
Biofuels have become a leading alternative to fossil fuel because they can be produced domestically by many countries, require only minimal changes to retail distribution and end-use technologies,
Review of Environmental, Economic and Policy Aspects of Biofuels
The world is witnessing a sudden growth in production of biofuels, especially those suited for replacing oil like ethanol and biodiesel. This paper synthesizes what the environmental, economic, and
The Choices of Irrigation Technologies in California
This paper introduces an econometric technique to analyze the factors affecting the land shares of alternative irrigation technologies in agriculture. It estimates the likelihood of use of drip,
The Effects of Well Depth and Land Quality on the Choice of Irrigation Technology
This paper introduces a framework to study the effects of farm characteristics (land quality and well depth) and irrigation technology characteristics (application effectiveness and pressurization
Targeting Tools for the Purchase of Environmental Amenities
This work analyzes how the joint spatial distribution of costs and environmental benefits affect efficiency losses from following targeting rules based on cost or benefits, rather than based on the benefit to cost ratio, and applies this framework to renewal of Conservation Reserve Program contracts.
Computer Use in Agriculture: Evidence from Tulare County, California
Logit analysis using data from a survey of Tulare County, California, farmers is used to examine computer and application ownership patterns in agriculture. The analysis indicates that the size of