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Dynamic Task Assignment and Path Planning of Multi-AUV System Based on an Improved Self-Organizing Map and Velocity Synthesis Method in Three-Dimensional Underwater Workspace
For a 3-D underwater workspace with a variable ocean current, an integrated multiple autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) dynamic task assignment and path planning algorithm is proposed by combing theExpand
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Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Diving Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Input Constraint
This paper develops a novel adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller for the diving control of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Unlike most previous AUVs’ control approaches, in this paper, theExpand
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A Cluster-Based Secure Synchronization Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Secure time synchronization is one of the key concerns for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs). This paper presents a CLUster-based Secure Synchronization (CLUSS) protocol that ensures theExpand
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Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Fault Identification and Fault-Tolerant Control Method Based on FCA-CMAC Neural Networks, Applied on an Actuated Vehicle
A novel fault diagnosis and accommodation method for unmanned underwater vehicles thruster is presented in this paper. FCA-CMAC (Credit Assignment-based Fuzzy Cerebellar Model ArticulationExpand
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A Bioinspired Filtered Backstepping Tracking Control of 7000-m Manned Submarine Vehicle
  • Bing Sun, D. Zhu, S. Yang
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 1 July 2014
In this paper, a new approach of tracking control is investigated for the 7000-m Jiaolong manned submarine vehicle (MSV). First, the formulation of control allocation problem and some backgroundExpand
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The bio-inspired model based hybrid sliding-mode tracking control for unmanned underwater vehicles
  • D. Zhu, Bing Sun
  • Computer Science
  • Eng. Appl. Artif. Intell.
  • 1 November 2013
In this paper a novel hybrid control strategy is developed for trajectory tracking control of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The proposed hybrid control strategy consists of two subsystems: aExpand
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A Survey on Formation Control Algorithms for Multi-AUV System
With the development of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) application techniques, formation control of multiple AUVs becomes a worldwide research focus. In this paper, first, formation controlExpand
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Dynamic Task Assignment and Path Planning for Multi-AUV System in Variable Ocean Current Environment
An integrated multiple autonomous underwater vehicle (multi-AUV) dynamic task assignment and path planning algorithm is proposed by combing the improved self-organizing map (SOM) neural network and aExpand
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Observer-Based Adaptive Neural Network Trajectory Tracking Control for Remotely Operated Vehicle
This paper focuses on the adaptive trajectory tracking control for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) with an unknown dynamic model and the unmeasured states. Unlike most previous trajectory trackingExpand
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A Multi-Fault Diagnosis Method for Sensor Systems Based on Principle Component Analysis
A model based on PCA (principal component analysis) and a neural network is proposed for the multi-fault diagnosis of sensor systems. Firstly, predicted values of sensors are computed by usingExpand
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