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Origin of Fe–Ti Oxide Ores in Mafic Intrusions: Evidence from the Panzhihua Intrusion, SW China
Economicconcentrationsof Fe^Ti oxidesoccuras massive, conform-able lenses or layers in the lower part of the Panzhihua intrusion,Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China. Mineral chemistry,texturesExpand
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Mineral chemistry of chromite from the Permian Jinbaoshan Pt-Pd-sulphide-bearing ultramafic intrusion in SW China with petrogenetic implications
Abstract The Jinbaoshan ultramafic intrusion is a member of the late–middle Permian (260 Ma) Emeishan Large Igneous Province in Yunnan Province, SW China and hosts an economical Pt–Pd–sulphideExpand
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An oxygen barometer for rutile-ilmenite assemblages: Oxidation state of metasomatic agents in the mantle
Abstract Oxygen fugacity has been calculated for rutile–ilmenite assemblages from the reaction 2Fe2O3 (in ilmenite) + 4TiO2 (rutile) = 4FeTiO3 (in ilmenite) + O2. The equationExpand
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Flood basalt-related Fe-Ti oxide deposits in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China
In the Panzhihua–Xichang region (Sichuan Province, SW China), there are a number of world-class magmatic Fe–Ti oxide deposits. They are hosted as conformable masses in lower parts of layeredExpand
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Hafnium in peralkaline and peraluminous boro-aluminosilicate glass and glass sub-components: a solubility study
A relationship between the solubility of hafnia (HfO2) and the host glass composition was explored by determining the solubility limits of HfO2 in peralkaline and peraluminous borosilicate glasses inExpand
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Alteration products of uraninite from the Colorado Plateau
Uraninite and associated alteration products from the Colorado Plateau were studied by optical microscopy, electron microprobe analysis (EMPA), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and backscatteredExpand
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Fe–Ti–Cr oxides from the Permian Xinjie mafic–ultramafic layered intrusion in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China: Crystallization from Fe- and Ti-rich basaltic magmas
Abstract The ∼ 260 Ma Xinjie mafic–ultramafic intrusion in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China, is a sill-like body hosting Fe–Ti–Cr oxide mineralization. The intrusion comprises, from theExpand
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Biological templated synthesis of water-soluble conductive polymeric nanowires.
One-dimensional (1D) conductive nanowire is one of the most important components for the development of nanosized electronic devices, sensors, and energy storage units. Great progresses have beenExpand
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Microbial Diversity in Ultra-High-Pressure Rocks and Fluids from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project in China
ABSTRACT Microbial communities in ultra-high-pressure (UHP) rocks and drilling fluids from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project were characterized. The rocks had a porosity of 1 toExpand
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Origin, ascent and oblique emplacement of magmas in a thickened crust: An example from the Cretaceous Fangshan adakitic pluton, Beijing
Abstract The Fangshan pluton in the Western Hills of Beijing records a history of emplacement from primarily vertical (ascent) to oblique injection along a detachment fault. Thus, the pluton providesExpand
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