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Coagulopathy and Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Patients with Covid-19
Coagulopathy in Critical Illness with Covid-19 The authors describe a 69-year-old man with Covid-19 diagnosed in January 2020 in Wuhan, China, along with two other critically ill patients withExpand
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Tumor Suppressor NM23-H1 Is a Granzyme A-Activated DNase during CTL-Mediated Apoptosis, and the Nucleosome Assembly Protein SET Is Its Inhibitor
Granzyme A (GzmA) induces a caspase-independent cell death pathway characterized by single-stranded DNA nicks and other features of apoptosis. A GzmA-activated DNase (GAAD) is in an ER associatedExpand
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A Role for the Deubiquitinating Enzyme USP28 in Control of the DNA-Damage Response
The Chk2-p53-PUMA pathway is a major regulator of DNA-damage-induced apoptosis in response to double-strand breaks in vivo. Through analysis of 53BP1 complexes we have discovered a new ubiquitinExpand
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The exonuclease TREX1 is in the SET complex and acts in concert with NM23-H1 to degrade DNA during granzyme A-mediated cell death.
Granzyme A (GzmA) activates a caspase-independent cell death pathway with morphological features of apoptosis. Single-stranded DNA damage is initiated when the endonuclease NM23-H1 becomes activatedExpand
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New sludge pretreatment method to improve methane production in waste activated sludge digestion.
During two-phase sludge anaerobic digestion, sludge is usually hydrolyzed and acidified in the first phase, then methane is produced in the second stage. To get more methane from sludge, most studiesExpand
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Breeding and juvenile culture of the lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus Perry,1810
All seahorse species worldwide have been placed under CITES Appendix II since 2004, because they have been over-exploited for traditional Chinese medicine and aquarium trades. Aquaculture has beenExpand
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Rational combination therapy with PARP and MEK inhibitors capitalizes on therapeutic liabilities in RAS mutant cancers
The combination of PARP and MEK inhibitors is effective against RAS and RAF mutant tumors. No escape for KRAS mutant tumors Alterations in one of the RAS proteins, such as KRAS, are among the mostExpand
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Effects of Tween 80 on the removal, sorption and biodegradation of pyrene by Klebsiella oxytoca PYR-1.
The sorption and biodegradation of pyrene by Klebsiella oxytoca PYR-1 (PYR-1) in the presence of nonionic surfactant Tween 80 were investigated toward a better understanding that how surfactants canExpand
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An assessment of genetic variability and relationships within Asian pears based on AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) markers
Abstract A total of 100 Pyrus L. accessions native mainly to East Asia were subjected to amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis to evaluate genetic variability and relationships amongExpand
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Influences and mechanisms of surfactants on pyrene biodegradation based on interactions of surfactant with a Klebsiella oxytoca strain.
Surfactant-enhanced bioremediation has been proposed as a promising technology for the treatment of organic polluted soils; however its application has been hindered by the controversial influencesExpand
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