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Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveal two refuge areas with asymmetrical gene flow in a temperate walnut tree from East Asia.
• Recently, there has been a debate about whether the temperate forests of East Asia merged or fragmented during glacial periods in the Pleistocene. Here, we tested these two opposing views throughExpand
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Genetic uniformity characterizes the invasive spread of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), a clonal aquatic plant
Aquatic plant invasions are often associated with long‐distance dispersal of vegetative propagules and prolific clonal reproduction. These reproductive features combined with genetic bottlenecks haveExpand
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Multiple glacial refugia for cool‐temperate deciduous trees in northern East Asia: the Mongolian oak as a case study
In East Asia, temperate forests are predicted to have retracted southward to c. 30° N during the last glacial maximum (LGM) based on fossil pollen data, whereas phylogeographic studies have oftenExpand
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Prediction of yeast protein–protein interaction network: insights from the Gene Ontology and annotations
A map of protein–protein interactions provides valuable insight into the cellular function and machinery of a proteome. By measuring the similarity between two Gene Ontology (GO) terms with aExpand
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Geographic variation in the structure of oak hybrid zones provides insights into the dynamics of speciation
Studying geographic variation in the rate of hybridization between closely related species could provide a useful window on the evolution of reproductive isolation. Reinforcement theory predictsExpand
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Migration, Metapopulation Dynamics and Fugitive Co-existence
Abstract Many conclusions about migration in promoting persistence of metapopulations are based on very simple models, which ignore the effect of migration on local dynamics. These models are calledExpand
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Demographic trade-offs in a neutral model explain death-rate--abundance-rank relationship.
The neutral theory of biodiversity has been criticized for its neglect of species differences. Yet it is much less heeded that S. P. Hubbell's definition of neutrality allows species to differ inExpand
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Influence of harvest time on fuel characteristics of five potential energy crops in northern China.
Five potential energy crops in northern China were examined for fuel characteristics over different harvest times to test whether or not a delayed harvest improves fuel quality in a semiarid area inExpand
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BPhyOG: An interactive server for genome-wide inference of bacterial phylogenies based on overlapping genes
BPhyOG is an online interactive server for reconstructing the phylogenies of completely sequenced bacterial genomes on the basis of their shared overlapping genes. Expand
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Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Induces the Aging of Mesenchymal Stem Cells through the DNA Damage Response and the p53/p21 Pathway
Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of cellular extrinsic factors in the aging of adult stem cells. However, the effects of an aged cell–extrinsic environment on mesenchymal stem cellExpand
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