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Probing the weak boson sector in e + e - →W + W -
A detailed analysis of W pair production in e+e− annihilation at LEP-II energies is presented by using helicity amplitudes for the process e+e−→W+W− with arbitrary WWγ and WWZ couplings. ExpressingExpand
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Vbfnlo: A parton level Monte Carlo for processes with electroweak bosons
VBFNLO is a flexible parton level Monte Carlo program for the simulation ofvector boson fusion (VBF), QCD induced single and double vector boson production (plus jet) in hadronic collisions at next-to-leading order, as well as Higgs boson plus two jet production via gluon fusion at the one-loop level. Expand
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Collider Physics
These lectures are intended as a pedagogical introduction to physics at e + e − and hadron colliders. A selection of processes is used to illustrate the strengths and capabilities of the differentExpand
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Body sway and vibration perception thresholds in normal aging and in patients with polyneuropathy.
Body sway and vibration perception in the lower limbs were measured in 32 normal subjects and 25 patients with peripheral neuropathies; nerve conduction studies were also performed in the patientsExpand
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Composite models generally predict the existence of excited quark and lepton states. We consider the production and experimental signatures of excited quarks Q* of spin and isospin 1/2 at hadronExpand
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Next-to-leading order jet distributions for Higgs boson production via weak boson fusion
The weak-boson fusion process is expected to provide crucial information on Higgs boson couplings at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The achievable statistical accuracy demands comparison withExpand
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Run II jet physics
Gerald C. Blazey, Jay R. Dittmann, Stephen D. Ellis, V. Daniel Elvira, K. Frame, S. Grinstein, Robert Hirosky , R. Piegaia, H. Schellman, R. Snihur, V. Sorin, Dieter Zeppenfeld Department of Physics,Expand
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Spin-2 resonances in vector-boson-fusion processes at next-to-leading order QCD
The most likely spin assignments of the recently discovered 126 GeV resonance are spin 0 or 2. In order to distinguish the two, we construct an effective Lagrangian model which comprises interactionsExpand
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Kinematical limits on Higgs boson production via gluon fusion in association with jets
In this paper, we analyze the high-energy limits for Higgs boson plus two jet production. We consider two high-energy limits, corresponding to two different kinematic regions: a) the Higgs boson isExpand
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