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Chemical composition and mass size distribution of PM 1 at an elevated site in central east China
Abstract. Size-resolved aerosol chemical compositions were measured continuously for 1.5 years from June 2010 to January 2012 with an aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) to characterize the mass and sizeExpand
Bioleaching of Cr from Tannery Sludge: The Effects of Initial Acid Addition and Recycling of Acidified Bioleached Sludge
A technologically feasible process called bioleaching was used to remove Cr from tannery sludge with Acidithiobacilli TS6 bacteria in this study. The buffering capacity of tannery sludge andExpand
The influence of Asian dust outflow on particle microphysical and optical properties at Mt. Tai in central east China
Abstract An in-situ measurement of the particle number size distribution and optical properties (scattering and absorption coefficients) of PM2.5 was conducted at Mt. Tai, a mountain top station inExpand
[Analysis on long-term trends of cervical cancer mortality and years of life lost in Tianjin, 1999-2015].
Objective: To analyze the mortality and years of life lost (YLL) trends of cervical cancer in Tianjin, and provide references for the research and prevention programs of cervical cancer. Methods:Expand
Muon spin rotation in GdSr2Cu2RuO8: Implications
Muon spin rotation measurements are reported for GdSr2Cu2RuO8, a material with an onset temperature for superconductivity of about 45 K (which is virtually the same for its superconducting sisterExpand
EMC3-EIRENE modelling of 3D impurity transport in argon seeded EAST discharges
EMC3-EIRENE modelling of 3D impurity transport in argon seeded EAST discharges Shuyu Dai a, T. Xie a, L. Zhang b, L. Wang b, J. C. Xu b, Y. Feng c, , D.Z. Wang a aKey Laboratory of MaterialsExpand