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Global Optimum of the Linearized Network Design Problem with Equilibrium Flows
The road network design problem, typically formulated as a bi-level program or a mathematical program with equilibrium constraints, is generally non-convex. The non-convexity stems from both theExpand
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Chinese Ischemic Stroke Subclassification
Accurate classification of stroke has significant impact on patient care and conduction of stroke clinical trials. The current systems such as TOAST, SSS-TOAST, Korean TOAST, and A–S–C–O haveExpand
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Global optimization method for network design problem with stochastic user equilibrium
In this paper, we consider the continuous road network design problem with stochastic user equilibrium constraint that aims to optimize the network performance via road capacity expansion. TheExpand
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Optimal location of wireless charging facilities for electric vehicles: Flow-capturing location model with stochastic user equilibrium
In this study, the optimal locations of a specific type of charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs), wireless power transfer facilities, are investigated. A mathematical model has beenExpand
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Continuum modeling of park-and-ride services considering travel time reliability and heterogeneous commuters - A linear complementarity system approach
This paper studies the modeling of multimodal choice in a highway/railway system with continuum park-and-ride services along a corridor. Commuter heterogeneity and travel time uncertainty withExpand
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Equity-based timetable synchronization optimization in urban subway network
This paper proposes a timetable synchronization optimization model to optimize passengers’ waiting time while limiting the waiting time equitably over all transfer station in an urban subway network. Expand
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A novel discrete network design problem formulation and its global optimization solution algorithm
Conventional discrete transportation network design problem deals with the optimal decision on new link addition, assuming the capacity of each candidate link addition is predetermined and fixed. InExpand
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Traffic managements for household travels in congested morning commute
Due to the high car ownership cost or car ownership restrictions in many major cities, household travels, which include multiple trips for all the household members, become very common. One typicalExpand
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A Sustainable Road Network Design Problem with Land Use Transportation Interaction over Time
Sustainability has three dimensions, including social, economic, and environmental dimensions. However, existing road network design studies only focus on one or at most two dimensions, which do notExpand
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