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Layered convection induced by phase transitions
We report a systematic study on the conditions under which an endothermic phase transition can enforce layered convection. Two-dimensional numerical calculations of convection in a domain containingExpand
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Probabilistic Tomography Maps Chemical Heterogeneities Throughout the Lower Mantle
We obtained likelihoods in the lower mantle for long-wavelength models of bulk sound and shear wave speed, density, and boundary topography, compatible with gravity constraints, from normal modeExpand
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Rayleigh^Taylor instabilities from hydration and melting propel 'cold plumes' at subduction zones
Abstract It is commonly thought that hot diapiric flows prevail in the mantle wedge above the subducting slab. However, hydration and partial melting along the slab can create a situation in which aExpand
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Characteristics-based marker-in-cell method with conservative finite-differences schemes for modeling geological flows with strongly variable transport properties
Abstract We have designed a 2D thermal–mechanical code, incorporating both a characteristics based marker-in-cell method and conservative finite-difference (FD) schemes. In this paper we will give aExpand
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The Initiation of Subduction: Criticality by Addition of Water?
Subduction is a major process of plate tectonics; however, its initiation is not understood. We used high-resolution (less than 1 kilometer) finite-element models based on rheological data of theExpand
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Thermal-mechanical effects of low-temperature plasticity (the Peierls mechanism) on the deformation of a viscoelastic shear zone
We studied for the first time the effects of low-temperature plasticity on the formation of shear zones. A thermal-mechanical model has been developed for describing the shear deformation of MaxwellExpand
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Robust characteristics method for modelling multiphase visco-elasto-plastic thermo-mechanical problems
Abstract We have extended our previous 2D method [Gerya, T.V., Yuen, D.A., 2003. Characteristics-based marker-in-cell method with conservative finite-differences schemes for modeling geological flowsExpand
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Anomalous compressibility of ferropericlase throughout the iron spin cross-over
The thermoelastic properties of ferropericlase Mg1−xFexO (x = 0.1875) throughout the iron high-to-low spin cross-over have been investigated by first principles at Earth's lower mantle conditions.Expand
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Rheological structure and deformation of subducted slabs in the mantle transition zone: implications for mantle circulation and deep earthquakes
Abstract Rheological structure of subducted slabs of oceanic lithosphere in the mantle transition zone is investigated based on mineral physics observations incorporating grain-size, stress,Expand
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The interaction of viscous heating with grain‐size dependent rheology in the formation of localized slip zones
The formation of localized shear zones is important for understanding many local and global processes in geodynamics. We have developed a self-consistent thermal-mechanical model together with aExpand
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