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A revised checklist of edible fungi in China
The publications on Chinese edible fungi were critically reviewed,and 187 previously mentioned edible fungi were excluded and 82 newly found species were added.As a result,966 taxa including 936Expand
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A revised checklist of medicinal fungi in China
More and more people have recently payed their attention to studies or investigations on medicinal fungi in China. However, many nomenclatural inconsistencies were found in the Chinese reports. TheExpand
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A species of polypore, Pachykytospora major G.Y. Zheng Z.S. Bi, was originally described from Guangdong Province, subtropical China. The genus of Pachykytospora Kotl. Pouzar is distinguished byExpand
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Notes on Dentipellis (Russulales,Basidiomycota)
Dentipellis acystidiatata Y.C.Dai,H.X.Xiong Sheng H.Wu is described as new from China,and its illustrated description is provided.The species is characterized by hydnaceous hymenophore,a monomiticExpand
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An Artificial Neural Network Approach to the Predictive Modeling of Tensile Force during Renal Suturing
Further understanding of the mechanical deformation and tear behavior of kidney during suturing helps to enhance surgical task execution that requires fine suture manipulation. This paper aims toExpand
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Development of a noninvasive electrical impedance probe for minimally invasive tumor localization.
Compared with traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) improves the accuracy and dexterity of a surgeon and minimizes trauma to the patient. However, the lack of significant hapticExpand
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In-vitro inhibitory effect of EGFL7-RNAi on endothelial angiogenesis in glioma.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role and mechanism of epidermal growth factor like domain 7 (EGFL7) in glioma angiogenesis by cell co-culture and RNA interference. METHODS NSCs-HUVECs co-cultureExpand
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Pathogenic wood-decaying fungi on woody plants in China
The paper deals with the pathogenic wood-decaying fungi on woody plants in China.One hundred and fifty-two species have been recorded,of which 49 species(accounting for 34% of the total pathogenicExpand
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New biological species of Armillaria from China
The Armillaria species mainly from Hubei and Xizang were investigated. A new biological species CBS P and two specimen with intersterility fruiting bodies were discovered. They are all quadripolarExpand
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Phellinidium(Basidiomycota,Hymenochaetales) in China
Seven species of Phellinidium were reported from China.Phellinidium fragrans from Changbaishan Nature Reserve,northeastern China is newly reported for China and is characterized by its resupinate andExpand
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