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Going with the flow or against the grain? The promise of vegetation for protecting beaches, dunes, and barrier islands from erosion
Coastlines have traditionally been engineered to maintain structural stability and to protect property from storm-related damage, but their ability to endure will be challenged over the next century.Expand
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Salinity and the small-scale distribution of three barrier island shrubs
The importance of salinity to small-scale distribution patterns was examined for three shrubs common on barrier islands of the southeastern United States. Field measurements focused on the salt marshExpand
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Shrub encroachment in North American grasslands: shifts in growth form dominance rapidly alters control of ecosystem carbon inputs
Shrub encroachment into grass-dominated biomes is occurring globally due to a variety of anthropogenic activities, but the consequences for carbon (C) inputs, storage and cycling remain unclear. WeExpand
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Application of hyperspectral vegetation indices to detect variations in high leaf area index temperate shrub thicket canopies
Abstract Accurate measurement of leaf area index (LAI), an important characteristic of plant canopies directly linked to primary production, is essential for monitoring changes in ecosystem C stocksExpand
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Spatial and temporal growth dynamics of Barrier Island shrub thickets
Spatial and temporal dynamics of barrier island shrub thickets were investigated on Hog Island, a barrier island along the Eastern Shore peninsula of Virginia. The island thickets are dominated byExpand
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Crossing Scales: The Complexity of Barrier-Island Processes for Predicting Future Change
Barrier islands are heavily influenced by external drivers such as sea-level rise, storm-related disturbances, and other complex factors that affect net sediment exchange. Numerous ecologicalExpand
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Leaf chlorophyll fluorescence, reflectance, and physiological response to freshwater and saltwater flooding in the evergreen shrub, Myrica cerifera
Abstract Photosynthesis, water relations, chlorophyll fluorescence, and leaf reflectance were used to evaluate stress due to freshwater and saltwater flooding in the evergreen coastal shrub, MyricaExpand
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Woody vegetative cover dynamics in response to recent climate change on an Atlantic coast barrier island: a remote sensing approach
Considering impacts of predicted increases in sea-level, storms, and alterations in precipitation patterns on geomorphological and associated ecological processes, woody vegetation dynamics may serveExpand
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