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Licochalcone A Prevents the Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons by Inhibiting Microglial Activation in Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-Induced Parkinson’s Disease Models
The neuroprotective effects of Licochalcone A (Lico.A), a flavonoid isolated from the herb licorice, in Parkinson’s disease (PD) have not been elucidated. The prominent pathological feature of PD isExpand
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NPAS3 Regulates Transcription and Expression of VGF: Implications for Neurogenesis and Psychiatric Disorders
Neuronal PAS domain protein 3 (NPAS3) and VGF (VGF Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Inducible) are important for neurogenesis and psychiatric disorders. Previously, we have demonstrated that NPAS3 regulatesExpand
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Performance Evaluation and Parameter Optimization of SoftCast Wireless Video Broadcast
Wireless video broadcast plays an important role in multimedia communication with the emergence of mobile video applications. However, conventional video broadcast designs suffer from a cliff effectExpand
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AG and UAG induce β-casein expression via activation of ERK1/2 and AKT pathways
Abstract The ghrelin peptides were found to circulate in two major forms: acylated ghrelin (AG) and unacylated ghrelin (UAG). Previous studies showed that AG regulates β-casein (CSN2) expression inExpand
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An effective method for simulation and estimation of dye-sensitized solar cells parameters
A computer simulation and calculation method has been proposed in this paper to provide an effective and simple way to estimate the five parameters of dye-sensitized solar cells includingExpand