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The History of British Mammals
Introduction. And the Land Was Covered with Ice. The Beginning of History. Warming Up Nicely. Clearing the Woodlands. The Saxon Angle. Hunting and Harassment. Restoring Some Balance. Island Races.Expand
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SUMMARY The present work admits 17 species of insectivore and 57 species of rodent to the list of Ethiopian mammals, of which only one (Saccostomus campestris Peters, 1846) has not previously beenExpand
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The endemic mammals of Ethiopia
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The decline of the rarer carnivores in Great Britain during the nineteenth century
marten (Martes martes) and Wild cat (Felis silvestris) in Great Britain during the nineteenth century is surveyed, and a series of maps to illustrate the declines is presented. These highlight theExpand
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Small mammals of the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Summary A sample of 535 small mammals, caught over a range of altitudes from 1500 to 4000 m in the Bale Mountains, on various expeditions from December 1971 to August 1986, enables the altitudinalExpand
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Impacts of climate on prey abundance account for fluctuations in a population of a northern wader at the southern edge of its range
Understanding the mechanisms by which climate change will affect animal populations is vital for adaptive management. Many studies have described changes in the timing of biological events, which canExpand
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The identification of 100 ecological questions of high policy relevance in the UK
1. Evidence-based policy requires researchers to provide the answers to ecological questions that are of interest to policy makers. To find out what those questions are in the UK, representativesExpand
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Family Suidae (Pigs)
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Catalogue of the mammals of Ethiopia and Eritrea. 7. Revised checklist, zoogeography and conservation
This review of the Ethiopian and Eritrean mammal fauna recognises provisional totals of 277 terrestrial and 11 marine species. The terrestrial fauna is dominated by savanna forms (47.2% of theExpand
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The food of the hedgehog in England
Dokonano analizy zawartości 177 zolądkow (z czego 40 bylo pustych) jeza zachodniego Erinaceus europaeus Linnaeus, 1758, zbieranych w roznych cześciach Anglii. Wyniki wyrazono frekwencją wystepowaniaExpand
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