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New data on vibratory communication in jumping plant lice of the families Aphalaridae and Triozidae (Homoptera, Psyllinea)
Vibratory signals produced by nine species of Aphalaridae and Triozidae are described and illustrated by oscillograms. Representatives of Psyllinea possess the two-way vibratory communication. A maleExpand
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Vibrational background noise in herbaceous plants and its impact on acoustic communication of small Auchenorrhyncha and Psyllinea (Homoptera)
Vibrations induced in plant stems by rain drops, wind, and mechanical activity of insects were studied under natural conditions. Wind and rain can induce high-frequency vibrations in the range up toExpand
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Two new species of the genus Philaenus (Homoptera, Aphrophoridae) from Iran
Two new species of Philaenus from Iran are described. Philaenus elbursianus sp. n. belongs to the Ph. signatus species group from the nominotypical subgenus. Philaenus iranicus sp. n. differsExpand
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The use of bioacoustic characters for distinguishing between cryptic species in insects: Potentials, restrictions, and prospects
Differences in acoustic signal patterns between closely related species often form the main precopulatory reproductive barrier in insects. For this reason, discrimination between similar forms basedExpand
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Pure-tone vibrational signals in small Auchenorrhyncha (Homoptera)
Investigation of vibrational calling signals of about 500 species of small Auchenorrhyncha from Russia and adjacent territories has shown that more than 10% of the species studied produce signalsExpand
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