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280GHz and 860GHz image sensors using Schottky-barrier diodes in 0.13μm digital CMOS
A 16-pixel 280GHz SBD imager is fabricated and its array function is reported in this paper. Expand
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Active Terahertz Imaging Using Schottky Diodes in CMOS: Array and 860-GHz Pixel
A fully-integrated 280-GHz 4 × 4 imager with a measured NEP of 29 and a responsivity of 5.1 kV/W is demonstrated. Expand
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Design and Demonstration of 820-GHz Array Using Diode-Connected NMOS Transistors in 130-nm CMOS for Active Imaging
An 820-GHz 8 × 8 diode-connected NMOS transistor active imaging array with an on-chip pixel selection circuit was demonstrated in a 130-nm CMOS technology. The noise performance of this architectureExpand
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820-GHz imaging array using diode-connected NMOS transistors in 130-nm CMOS
An 820-GHz 8×8 imaging array using diode-connected NMOS transistor detectors is demonstrated in 130-nm CMOS. Expand
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Schottky diodes in CMOS for terahertz circuits and systems
Using Polysilicon Gate Separated Schottky Diode structures that can be fabricated without any process modifications in a foundry digital 130-nm CMOS process, cut-off frequency of ~2 THz has beenExpand
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Morphological tuning of CuO nanostructures by simple preparative parameters in SILAR method and their consequent effect on supercapacitors
Morphology-controlled synthesis of nanomaterials by tuning simple preparative parameters is an impressive path to develop diverse nanostructured materials. Here, we are exploring a successful exampleExpand
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Single‐event, energy‐resolved, Auger–electron, multiple‐ion coincidence mass spectroscopy
An experimental method is described that is directed at monitoring the creation and decay of core hole states in molecules from state‐to‐state. Data in the form of a coincidence map are presented andExpand
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Opening Terahertz for Everyday Applications
CMOS IC technology has become an affordable means for implementing capable systems operating at 300 GHz and above. Expand
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Density functional theory investigation of the electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of layered MoS2, MoSe2 and their mixed-layer compound
Abstract First principles density functional theory calculations were carried out for the 2H-MoQ2 (Q=S and Se) and their hypothetical mixed-layer compound. Due to the different electronegativities ofExpand
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CMOS terahertz receivers
Recent advances of devices and circuits have made CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) integrated circuits technology an alternative for realizing capable and affordable THz systems. Expand
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