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Early Cretaceous adakitic granites in the Northern Dabie Complex, central China: Implications for partial melting and delamination of thickened lower crust
Abstract To date, few adakitic rocks have been reported in direct association with contemporary intra-continental extensional structures, which has cast doubt on genetic models involving partialExpand
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Petrogenesis of Cretaceous adakitic and shoshonitic igneous rocks in the Luzong area, Anhui Province (eastern China): Implications for geodynamics and Cu–Au mineralization
Both adakitic and shoshonitic igneous rocks in the Luzong area, Anhui Province, eastern China are associated with Cretaceous Cu–Au mineralization. The Shaxi quartz diorite porphyrites exhibitExpand
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Os isotope systematics in ocean island basalts
New ReOs isotopic results for Os-poor basalts from St. Helena, the Comores, Samoa, Pitcairn and Kerguelen dramatically expand the known range of initial 186Os/187Os ratios in OIBs to values as highExpand
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Boninite series: low Ti-tholeiite associations from the 2.7 Ga Abitibi greenstone belt
Abstract Boninite series volcanic flows, interfingered with komatiites and tholeiitic basalts, occur at several localities in the ∼2.7 Ga Abitibi greenstone belt. Flows from Whitney Township,Expand
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Ridge subduction and crustal growth in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence from Late Carboniferous adakites and high-Mg diorites in the western Junggar region, northern Xinjiang (west China)
Abstract The Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) is a natural laboratory for the study of accretionary tectonics and crustal growth owing to its massive generation of juvenile crust in the Paleozoic.Expand
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Geochemical diversity in oceanic komatiites and basalts from the late Archean Wawa greenstone belts, Superior Province, Canada: trace element and Nd isotope evidence for a heterogeneous mantle
Abstract Diverse types of komatiites and basalts are present in the 2.7 Ga Schreiber–Hemlo and White River–Dayohessarah greenstone belts of the Wawa subprovince. Al-undepleted and Al-depletedExpand
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The late Archean Schreiber-Hemlo and White River-Dayohessarah greenstone belts, Superior Province: collages of oceanic plateaus, oceanic arcs, and subduction-accretion complexes
Abstract The late Archean (ca. 2.80–2.68 Ga) Schreiber–Hemlo and White River–Dayohessarah greenstone belts of the Superior Province, Canada, are supracrustal lithotectonic assemblages of ultramaficExpand
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Partial Melting of Thickened or Delaminated Lower Crust in the Middle of Eastern China: Implications for Cu‐Au Mineralization
Field relations, isotope systematics, and plate tectonic reconstructions require that felsic adakites in the Yangtze Block and the Dabie Orogen, eastern China, were not derived from a subductingExpand
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Komatiite–basalt–rhyolite volcanic associations in Northern Superior Province greenstone belts: significance of plume-arc interaction in the generation of the proto continental Superior Province
Abstract Archean greenstone belts from the northern Superior Province, ranging in age from 3.0 to 2.9 Ga, comprise an association of komatiite–tholeiite sequences, some of which were erupted ontoExpand
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