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Acetaminophen hepatotoxicity precipitated by short-term treatment of rats with ethanol and isopentanol: protection by triacetyloleandomycin.
The results suggest that CYP3A has a major role in acetaminophen hepatotoxicity in animals administered the combined alcohol treatment, and that short-term consumption of alcoholic beverages rich in isopentanol may be a risk for developing liver damage fromacetaminophen. Expand
The Formation of Succinic Acid during Alcoholic Fermentation
During alcoholic fermentation by yeast there is an increase in total acidity and a change in the constituent organic acid composition of the fermented medium. The formation of acetic acid, widelyExpand
Biosynthesis of the coumarins. Tracer studies on coumarin formation in Hierochloe odorata and Melilotus officinalis.
It was concluded that the aromatic ring of coumarin arises via the shikimic acid pathway in preference to acetate condensation, and was found in o-coumaryl glucoside during this entire period. Expand
Studies of lignin biosynthesis using isotopic carbon. VII. The role of p-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid.
The L-tyrosine from acid hydrolysis and the p-hydroxybenzaldehyde from nitrobenzene oxidation, isolated from buckwheat activated by feeding p-Hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid-3-C14, had the same molar specific activity. Expand
Effect of temperature on linolenic acid loss and 18:3 Δ9-cis, Δ12-cis, Δ15-trans formation in soybean oil
Oil was extracted from soybeans, degummed, alkalirefined and bleached. The oil was heated at 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240°C for up to 156 h. Fatty acid methyl esters were prepared by boronExpand
Studies of lignin biosynthesis using isotopic carbon. VI. Formation of the side chain of the phenylpropane monomer.
DL-Phenyllactic acid was incorporated into lignin with much lower dilutions than either DL-erythro- or DL-threo-phenylglyceric acids, and with appreciably lower dilution than DL-phenyllhydracrylic acid, supporting the concept that lign in monomers are formed via 2-hydroxylated phenylpropane intermediates. Expand
Equilibrium nitrogen isotope effects on the basicity of amines
La diminution de l'effet isotopique est attribuee a la formation de liaison hydrogene entre les molecules d'eau (solvant) et l'azote de l'amine non protonee