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The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite: Simulations of planet detections and astrophysical false positives
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a NASA-sponsored Explorer mission that will perform a wide-field survey for planets that transit bright host stars. Here, we predict the propertiesExpand
Minor Galaxy Interactions: Star Formation Rates and Galaxy Properties
We study star formation in a sample of 1204 galaxies in minor ( ≥ 2) pair and compact groups, drawn from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 5. We analyze an analogous sample of 2409 galaxiesExpand
Tidally Triggered Star Formation in Close Pairs of Galaxies: Major and Minor Interactions
We study star formation in a sample of 345 galaxies in 167 pairs and compact groups drawn from the original CfA2 Redshift Survey and from a follow-up search for companions. We construct our sampleExpand
Binospec: A Wide-field Imaging Spectrograph for the MMT
Binospec is a high throughput, 370 to 1000 nm, imaging spectrograph that addresses two adjacent 8' by 15' fields of view. Binospec was commissioned in late 2017 at the f/5 focus of the 6.5m MMT andExpand
Triggered Star Formation in Galaxy Pairs at z = 0.08-0.38
We measure the strength, frequency, and timescale of tidally triggered star formation at redshift z = 0.08-0.38 in a spectroscopically complete sample of galaxy pairs drawn from the magnitude-limitedExpand
Expected Yields of Planet discoveries from the TESS primary and extended missions
We present a prediction of the transiting exoplanet yield of the TESS primary mission, in order to guide follow-up observations and science projects utilizing TESS discoveries. Our new simulationsExpand
Space Surveillance Telescope: focus and alignment of a three mirror telescope
The alignment procedure developed for the SST at zenith pointing is discussed, as well as the maintenance of focus and alignment of the system across a range of elevation and temperature conditions. Expand
Spectrophotometry with Hectospec, the MMT's Fiber-Fed Spectrograph
We describe techniques for photometric calibration of optical spectra obtained with the MMT's fiber-fed spectrograph, Hectospec. The atmospheric dispersion compensation prisms built into the MMT'sExpand
Rapid Cadence Collections with the Space Surveillance Telescope
The preliminary results from rapid cadence science collections of a 9.5 square degree area centered near the open cluster M67 are presented, and it is shown that the SST may also provide the science community a unique asset for astronomical surveys. Expand
Detecting small asteroids with the Space Surveillance Telescope
Abstract The ability of the Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) to find small (2–15 m diameter) NEAs suitable for the NASA asteroid retrieval mission is investigated. Orbits from a simulatedExpand