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Thermocapillary Migration of Droplets in a Binary Mixture with Miscibility Gap during Liquid/Liquid Phase Separation under Reduced Gravity
Abstract Experimental evidence of thermocapillary migration of droplets evolving from a binary liquid mixture (2-butoxyethanol/water) during liquid/liquid phase separation is given. The experimentsExpand
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Analysis of Light‐Scattering and Specific Heat Data of Binary Liquid Mixtures in Terms of the Two‐Scale‐Factor Universality
The two-scale-factor universality hypothesis of critical phenomena offers the possibility to calculate the critical part of specific heat and of the coefficient of thermal expansion of binary liquidExpand
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Study of a binary critical mixture of 2, 6‐dimethyl pyridine/water: Measurements of static and dynamic light scattering and specific heat near the lower critical point.
Static and dynamic light scattering experiments are reported for the system 2,6-dimethyl pyridine/water to determine the critical amplitude ζo of local concentration fluctuations and the criticalExpand
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Diffusivity in 2‐butoxyethanol/water mixtures of noncritical composition approaching the liquid/liquid coexistence curve
Results of dynamic light scattering experiments are reported which demonstrate that the mutual diffusion coefficient of 2‐butoxyethanol/water mixtures of noncritical composition exhibits aExpand
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Temperature dependence of liquid-liquid interfacial tension and universal critical amplitude ratio: an experimental study
Results of new measurements of the temperature dependence of the liquid-liquid interfacial tension σ of the system cyclohexane/aniline are reported. The system specific value of the criticalExpand
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Slowing down of the kinetics of liquid/liquid phase separation along the binodal curve of a binary liquid mixture with a miscibility gap approaching the critical point
A homogeneous mixture of iso‐butoxyethanol/water of noncritical composition is brought from a state in the thermodynamic stable region of its phase diagram in the vicinity of its lower critical pointExpand
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Influence of a polycrystalline precipitation zone on the growth of single crystals using a gel method: growth of single crystals of PbHPO4
Abstract During the growth of single crystals of PbHPO 4 by interdiffusion of an aqueous solution of Pb(NO 3 ) 2 and an aqueous solution of H 3 PO 4 contained in a methoxy-silane gel, aExpand
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Deuterium isotope effects in binary critical mixtures
The shape of the liquid–liquid coexistence curve of five binary liquid mixtures containing methanol (methanol, methanol‐d1, methanol‐d4) and cyclohexane (cyclohexane, cyclohexane‐d12) is studiedExpand
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Electrochemical transport properties of a cone-shaped nanopore: revisited
There are reports in the literature that a single cone-shaped nanopore generated in a polymer foil separating two equally concentrated dilute aqueous potassium chloride solutions can reach high andExpand
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