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Bright-Light Therapy in the Treatment of Mood Disorders
Bright-light therapy (BLT) is established as the treatment of choice for seasonal affective disorder/winter type (SAD). In the last two decades, the use of BLT has expanded beyond SAD: there isExpand
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Agomelatine in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder
RationaleThe novel antidepressant agomelatine acts as a melatonergic (MT1 and MT2) receptor agonist and as a serotonin-2C receptor antagonist. Previous studies showed that agomelatine is able toExpand
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Anger Attacks in Depression – Evidence for a Male Depressive Syndrome
Background: It has been proposed that aggression and especially anger attacks play an important role in the symptomatology of depression. Furthermore, it has been hypothesized that these symptoms areExpand
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White Matter Microstructure in Transsexuals and Controls Investigated by Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Biological causes underpinning the well known gender dimorphisms in human behavior, cognition, and emotion have received increased attention in recent years. The advent of diffusion-weighted magneticExpand
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Ketamine-Induced Modulation of the Thalamo-Cortical Network in Healthy Volunteers As a Model for Schizophrenia
Background: Schizophrenia has been associated with disturbances of thalamic functioning. In light of recent evidence suggesting a significant impact of the glutamatergic system on key symptoms ofExpand
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Drug-Induced Liver Injury during Antidepressant Treatment: Results of AMSP, a Drug Surveillance Program
Background: Drug-induced liver injury is a common cause of liver damage and the most frequent reason for withdrawal of a drug in the United States. The symptoms of drug-induced liver damage areExpand
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Seasonality of birth in seasonal affective disorder.
BACKGROUND Season of birth or seasonal changes in putative etiologic factors are thought to influence the development of several psychiatric illnesses. The aim of this investigation was to examineExpand
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Structural Connectivity Networks of Transgender People
Although previous investigations of transsexual people have focused on regional brain alterations, evaluations on a network level, especially those structural in nature, are largely missing.Expand
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Gender differences in the psychopathology of depressed inpatients
Abstract.In the last few years there has been increased scientific effort to describe the gender–specific psychopathological features of depression. Until now these studies have not been entirelyExpand
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The adaptation of test-driven software processes to industrial automation engineering
We introduce an adapted test-driven development (TDD) approach for software in automation engineering that enables the systematic derivation of test cases based on UML models. Expand
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