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Riches and Poverty; An Intellectual History of Political Economy in Britain
  • D. Winch
  • Materials Science
  • 1 February 1998
The disclosure of this application is directed to polyepoxide compositions, containing dicyandiamide and an iodonium, phosphonium or sulfonium salt, which are relatively stable at room temperature
Adam Smith's Politics: An Essay in Historiographic Revision
For most of the two hundred years or so that have passed since the publication of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith's writings on political and economic questions have been viewed within a liberal
That noble science of politics : a study in nineteenth-century intellectual history
1. The governing science: things political and the intellectual historian 2. The system of the North: Dugald Stewart and his pupils 3. Higher maxims: happiness versus wealth in Malthus and Ricardo 4.
Adam Smith: Scottish moral philosopher as political economist
  • D. Winch
  • Economics
    The Historical Journal
  • 1 March 1992
Abstract By contrast with those for whom the Wealth of nations marks the origin of economics as an autonomous science, this article argues that Smith's significance lies in his attempt to repossess
Wealth and Life: Essays on the Intellectual History of Political Economy in Britain, 1848-1914
Prologue: economists and human beings Part I. Mill's Principles: 1. Sentimental enemies, advanced intellects, and falling profits 2. Wild natural beauty, the religion of humanity, and unearned
Adam Smith's Politique Coloniale
[fre] Cet article traite de l'analyse et des opinions d'Adam Smith concernant la politique coloniale britannique pendant la revolution americaine et ses suites immediates. Smith s'opposait, bien