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The Mammals of North America
Acknowledgments 6 Introduction 7 Species Included 8 What Is a Species? 8 What Information Is Included? 8 What Information Is Not Included? 10 Further Reading 10 Recommended Internet Resources 10Expand
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Mammal species of the world
This checklist was compiled for the Parries to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to provide a standard reference to mammalian nomenclature.Expand
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Three Central American Bat Communitis: Structure, Reproductive Cycles, and Movement Patterns
Three bat communities were studied for 1 year at each of two localities in the Panama Canal Zone and one locality in western Costa Rica. Removal sampling and banding techniques using Japanese mistExpand
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Generic Revision in the Holarctic Ground Squirrel Genus Spermophilus
Abstract The substantial body of research on Holarctic ground squirrels amassed over the past century documents considerable variability in morphological, cytogenetic, ecological, and behavioralExpand
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Biodiversity II: understanding and protecting our biological resources
Biodiversity is defined as all hereditarily based variation at all levels of organization from the genes within a single local population or species to the species composing all or part of a localExpand
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The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals
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Demography and natural history of the common fruit bat, Artibeus jamaicensis, on Barro Colorado Island, Panamá
Handley, Charles O., Jr., Don E. Wilson, and Alfred L. Gardner, editors. Demography and Natural History of the Common Fruit Bat, Artibeus jamaicensis, on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. SmithsonianExpand
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Morphologic Properties of Bat Wings
A method was devised for estimating aspect ratio, wing ratio, wing area, wing loading, and wing length from study skins of bats. These measures were taken of 136 species representing 15 families.Expand
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Wilson, Don E. (Bird and Mammal Laboratories, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D. C. 20560) 1973. Bat faunas: a trophic comparison. Syst. Zool. 22:1429.-The bat faunas of the sixExpand
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