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Recent research highlights that founders' early decisions and the environmental conditions at founding each imprint upon a new venture in ways that affect growth and survival. However, we know muchExpand
Analysis of receptor/ligand interactions using whole-molecule randomly-mutated ligand libraries.
We report a novel method for the analysis of protein ligands using a whole molecule mutagenesis/phage display system. The cDNA for the inflammatory polypeptide C5a was used as template in a PCRExpand
Co-design, China, and the commercialization of the mobile user interface
  • D. Williams
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • INTR
  • 1 September 2006
The author led a major manufacturer's first attempts at collaborative UI design across its European portfolio with the top six European operators. Expand
Surface-compositional properties of the Malea Planum region of the Circum-Hellas Volcanic Province, Mars
Abstract We used Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES), Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), High-Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC), and Observatoire pour la Mineralogie, l'Eau, les Glaces etExpand
Properties of 2'-fluorothymidine-containing oligonucleotides: interaction with restriction endonuclease EcoRV.
2'-Fluorothymidine (Tf) was synthesized via an improved procedure with (diethylamino)sulfur trifluoride. The compatibility of the analogue with DNA synthesis via the phosphoramidite method wasExpand
Function of specific 2'-hydroxyl groups of guanosines in a hammerhead ribozyme probed by 2' modifications.
The importance of the 2'-hydroxyl group of several guanosine residues for the catalytic efficiency of a hammerhead ribozyme has been investigated. Five ribozymes in which single guanosine residuesExpand
Translation of 2'-modified mRNA in vitro and in vivo.
2'-Fluoro- and 2'-amino-2'-deoxynucleoside triphosphates have been used for in vitro transcription of 2'-modified luciferase mRNA. The 2'-modified deoxynucleoside-containing transcripts were testedExpand
Disulfide Bridges in Tropomyosin
The effect of rabbit skeletal tropomyosin and tropomyosin-troponin on the ATPase activity of actomyosin was compared for tropomyosins with the Cys-190 disulfide bridge intact (crosslinkedExpand
Alkyltransferase-like protein (Atl1) distinguishes alkylated guanines for DNA repair using cation–π interactions
Alkyltransferase-like (ATL) proteins in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (Atl1) and Thermus thermophilus (TTHA1564) protect against the adverse effects of DNA alkylation damage by flagging O6-alkylguanineExpand
Structure-function relationship of hammerhead ribozymes as probed by 2'-modifications.
Hammerhead ribozymes containing 2'-fluoro- or 2'-aminonucleotides were prepared by automated chemical synthesis. Incorporation of 2'-fluorouridines, 2'-fluorocytidines or 2'-aminouridines did notExpand