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Phanerozoic stratigraphy of Northwind Ridge, magnetic anomalies in the Canada basin, and the geometry and timing of rifting in the Amerasia basin, Arctic Ocean
Cores from Northwind Ridge, a high-standing continental fragment in the Chukchi borderland of the oceanic Amerasia basin, Arctic Ocean, contain representatives of every Phanerozoic system except theExpand
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Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and 20th century temperature variability from Chesapeake Bay
We present paleoclimate evidence for rapid (<100 years) shifts of f2–4 jC in Chesapeake Bay (CB) temperature f2100, 1600, 950, 650, 400 and 150 years before present (years BP) reconstructed fromExpand
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Joint investigations of the Middle Pliocene climate I: PRISM paleoenvironmental reconstructions
Abstract The Pliocene epoch represents an important transition from a climate regime with high-frequency, low-amplitude oscillations when the Northern Hemisphere lacked substantial ice sheets, to theExpand
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Tree islands are centers of biodiversity within the Florida Everglades, USA, but the factors controlling their distribution, formation, and development are poorly understood. We use pollenExpand
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Rapid sea level rise and ice sheet response to 8,200-year climate event
[1] The largest abrupt climatic reversal of the Holocene interglacial, the cooling event 8.6-8.2 thousand years ago (ka), was probably caused by catastrophic release of glacial Lake Agassiz-Ojibway,Expand
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Response of the Everglades ridge and slough landscape to climate variability and 20th-century water management.
The ridge and slough landscape of the Florida Everglades consists of a mosaic of linear sawgrass ridges separated by deeper-water sloughs with tree islands interspersed throughout the landscape. WeExpand
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Disposition of pravastatin sodium, a tissue-selective HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, in healthy subjects.
Pravastatin sodium, a competitive inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase, is a new orally effective hypocholesterolaemic agent. In a two-way crossover study, eight healthy male subjects each received anExpand
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Pollen assemblages as paleoenvironmental proxies in the Florida Everglades.
Analysis of 170 pollen assemblages from surface samples in eight vegetation types in the Florida Everglades indicates that these wetland sub-environments are distinguishable from the pollen recordExpand
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Experimental Cladistic Analysis of Anatomically Preserved Arborescent Lycopsids from the Carboniferous of Euramerica: An Essay on Paleobotanical Phylogenetics
This evolutionary cladistic analysis of the arborescent (wood-producing) lycopsids, an exclusively fossil group of vascular plants, is confined to the strongest available data: anatomically preservedExpand
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