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A potential field based approach to multi robot formation navigation
This paper presents a directed potential field approach for motion co-ordination in formations of multi-robot-systems. Expand
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European Land Robot Trial ( ELROB ) Towards a Realistic Benchmark for Outdoor Robotics
The European Land Robotic Trial (ELROB), which was held for the fifth time in 2010, is designed to compare unmanned ground vehicles in realistic outdoor tasks. It addresses the need to create aExpand
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Motion Coordination in Formations of Multiple Mobile Robots Using a Potential Field Approach
This paper presents a novel approach for motion coordination in formations of multi-robot-systems (MRS) based on a potential field approach. Expand
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Pathogenicity of Ichthyophonus hoferi for laboratory-reared Pacific herring Clupea pallasi and its early appearance in wild Puget Sound herring.
Laboratory-reared pathogen-free Pacific herring were exposed to pure cultures of Ichthyophonus hoferi, and reproduced the disease seen in naturally infected fish--thus fulfilling Koch's Postulates.Expand
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ELROB and EURATHLON: Improving search & rescue robotics through real-world robot competitions
This paper describes the EURATHLON and ELROB projects, the conducted competitions and, especially the efforts made in the fields of standardization and benchmarking. Expand
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Professional ground robotic competitions from an educational perspective: A consideration using the example of the European Land Robot Trial (ELROB)
Structured robotic competitions have become a common method of evaluating the performance of robotic techniques. Expand
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Tracking Methods for Relative Localisation
The multi-robot relative localisation problem asks whether it is possible for an autonomous vehicle to start at an unknown location and incrementally estimate its own position with reference to theExpand
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Relative position estimation in a group of robots
This work presents a new approach to the problem of relative position estimation for multi robot systems. Expand
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Unmanned multi-robot CBRNE reconnaissance with mobile manipulation System description and technical validation
This paper presents a prototype of a multi-robot reconnaissance system for detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) threats. Different robot platforms are ableExpand
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Using an extended Kalman filter for relative localisation in a moving robot formation
This work presents a new approach to relative position estimation in multi robot systems. Expand
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