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The non-uniform radiosensitivity of the dormant root meristem of barley seed revealed by chromosome aberrations in cells at metaphase of the first division cycle
Abstract It is generally assumed for radiation-induced chromosomal aberration studies, that the dormant root meristem of seeds has a uniform radiosensitivity with respect to time. Therefore, providedExpand
The ultrastructure of dentinogenesis and amelogenesis in rat molar tooth germs grown as organ cultures in vitro
SummaryTooth germs from foetal rats of 17 days post-insemination were maintained in vitro for 12 days. Odontoblasts and ameloblasts differentiated and secreted their respective matrices in whichExpand
A comparison of the geometric configurations adopted by radiation-induced chromatid interchanges in animals and plants.
Abstract An analysis of radiation-induced chromatid interchanges in four animal and five plant species indicates that polarised ( P ) and X -type interchanges occur relatively more frequently in theExpand
Early dentinogenesis in mice: von Korff fibres and their possible significance. A preliminary study by light and electron microscopy.
By light and electron microscopy we have confirmed the collagenous nature of von Korff fibres in early dentinogenesis in mice. Each fibre array begins as an argyrophil 'stem' lying between theExpand
During maturation, microspores pass through a series of morphologically distinguishable stages or compartments. A study has been made of the systematic fluctuations in the frequency of microspores inExpand
Distortion for Abelian Subgroups of $\mathrm{Out}(F_n)$
We prove that abelian subgroups of the outer automorphism group of a free group are quasi-isometrically embedded. Our proof uses recent developments in the theory of train track maps byExpand
Radiation-induced perturbation of microsporogenesis in Campelia zanonia (l.) H.B.K.
A recent study of the kinetics of developing microspores in half anther populations of Campelia zanonia has led to a better understanding of the fluctuations in compartmental indexes (e.g. theExpand