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Computational analysis of auxin responsive elements in the Arabidopsis thaliana L. genome
Auxin responsive elements (AuxRE) were found in upstream regions of target genes for ARFs (Auxin response factors). While Chip-seq data for most of ARFs are still unavailable, prediction of potentialExpand
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Auxin regulates functional gene groups in a fold-change-specific manner in Arabidopsis thaliana roots
Auxin plays a pivotal role in virtually every aspect of plant morphogenesis. It simultaneously orchestrates a diverse variety of processes such as cell wall biogenesis, transition through the cellExpand
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Meta-analysis of transcriptome data identified TGTCNN motif variants associated with the response to plant hormone auxin in Arabidopsis thaliana L
Auxin is the major regulator of plant growth and development. Expand
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Fold-Change-Specific Enrichment Analysis (FSEA): Quantification of Transcriptional Response Magnitude for Functional Gene Groups
Gene expression profiling data contains more information than is routinely extracted with standard approaches. Here we present Fold-Change-Specific Enrichment Analysis (FSEA), a new method forExpand
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Meta-Analysis of Transcriptome Data Detected New Potential Players in Response to Dioxin Exposure in Humans
Dioxins are one of the most potent anthropogenic poisons, causing systemic disorders in embryonic development and pathologies in adults. The mechanism of dioxin action requires an aryl hydrocarbonExpand