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Threat syndromes and conservation of the Australian flora
Abstract The status of the Australian flora was reviewed by compiling published information on all critically endangered and endangered species listed federally in 2004. Threatening processes wereExpand
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Conservation of the threatened shrub Hebe cupressoides (Scrophulariaceae), eastern South Island, New Zealand
Abstract Hebe cupressoides is an endemic shrub of the rain-shadow eastern mountains of New Zealand's South Island where it is a component of shrubland communities on recent surfaces such as alluvialExpand
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Progress on Southeast Asia’s Flora projects
Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea) is a region of high plant diversityExpand
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The processes that threaten Indonesian plants
The processes that threaten 240 Indonesian threatened plants were identified and categorized based on a comprehensive review of the published literature and elicitation of information from experts.Expand
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Keanekaragaman dan Pola Sebaran Spesies Tumbuhan Asing Invasif di Cagar Alam Pulau Sempu, Jawa Timur
The presence of invasive alien plant species has been known to cause various negative impacts on ecosystems in the invaded conservation area. This research aims to identify diversity and distributionExpand
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Influences of edaphic factors on the distribution and abundance of a rare palm (Cyrtostachys renda) in a peat swamp forest in eastern Sumatra, Indonesia
Tropical plant community ecology is often assumed to be driven largely by stochastic disturbance, replacement and demographic processes despite a general lack of information about the physicalExpand
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Population status, demography and habitat preferences of the threatened lipstick palm Cyrtostachys renda Blume in Kerumutan Reserve, Sumatra
Abstract Population status and demography of a population of the threatened lipstick palm Cyrtostachys renda in a peat swamp ecosystem of Kerumutan Reserve, Sumatra (one of the largest remainingExpand
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Plant Species Diversity and Degree of Homogeneity after the 2010 Eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia
The eruption in 2010 of Merapi Mount changed the diversity of plant species. The objective of this research was to investigate the diversity of plant species on Mount Merapi National Park (MMNP). TheExpand
Indonesia possesses 386 plant species that are categorized as threatened. Dipterocarpaceae contributes the largest number, reaching 36.79 % of the total threatened plant species, followed byExpand
The influence of edaphic factors on bamboo population in Mount Baung Natural Tourist Park, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia
Sofiah S, Setiadi D, Widyatmoko D. 2018. The Influence of Edaphic Factors on Bamboo Population in Mount Baung Natural Tourist Park, Pasuruan, East Java. Trop Drylands 2: 12-17. There are 1250 bambooExpand