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Interstellar Ice: The Infrared Space Observatory Legacy
We present 2.5-30 mum spectra from the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer of the Infrared Space Observatory for a total of 23 sources. The sources include embedded young stellar objects spanning a wideExpand
Interstellar Extinction and Polarization in the Infrared
The wavelength dependences of interstellar continuum extinction and polarization in the range 0.35-5 microns are examined. The existence of a universal extinction curve with power law index of aboutExpand
Interstellar Extinction and Polarization in the Taurus Dark Clouds: The Optical Properties of Dust near the Diffuse/Dense Cloud Interface
Observations of interstellar linear polarization in the spectral range 0.35-2.2??m are presented for several stars reddened by dust in the Taurus region. Combined with a previously published study byExpand
An inventory of interstellar ices toward the embedded protostar W33A
This paper presents, for the —rst time, a complete 2.4¨25 km spectrum of the dust-embedded young stellar object W33A. The spectrum was obtained with the Short Wavelength Spectrometer of the InfraredExpand
Observations of the Icy Universe
Freeze-out of the gas-phase elements onto cold grains in dense interstellar and circumstellar media builds up ice mantles consisting of molecules that are mostly formed in situ (H2O, NH3, CO2, CO,Expand
Infrared spectroscopy of dust in the Taurus dark clouds: ice and silicates
Des spectres IR representant les caracteristiques de la poussiere pour la glace a 3 μm et le silicate a 10 μm sont presentes pour des etoiles en direction du complexe de nuages sombres Taurus,Expand
Ice absorption features in the 5-8 μm region toward embedded protostars
We have obtained 5{8 m spectra towards 10 embedded protostars using the Short Wavelength Spectrometer on board the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO-SWS) with the aim of studying the composition ofExpand
Observations of Solid Carbon Dioxide in Molecular Clouds with the Infrared Space Observatory
Spectra of interstellar CO2 ice absorption features at a resolving power of lambda/Delta lambda approximate to 1500-2000 are presented for 14 lines of sight. The observations were made with theExpand
Infrared spectroscopy of dust in the diffuse interstellar medium toward Cygnus OB2 No. 12
Observations made with the short-wavelength spectrometer of the Infrared Space Observatory are used to investigate the composition of interstellar dust in the line of sight to Cygnus OB2 No. 12,Expand