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In vivo evaluation of 188Re‐labeled alpha‐melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogs for melanoma therapy
The purpose of our study was to optimize melanoma tumor uptake of 188Re‐CCMSH and reduce its nonspecific kidney retention. Nephrotoxicity is often a serious problem associated with targetedExpand
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Evaluation of the human melanoma targeting properties of radiolabeled alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogues.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the human MC1 receptor-mediated melanoma targeting properties of two metal cyclized alpha-MSH peptide analogues, (188)Re-(Arg(11))CCMSH and (188)Re-CCMSH.Expand
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Comparison of the kit performance of three 99mTc myocardial perfusion agents.
Abstract In this study we report a comparison of the three 99m Tc myocardial perfusion imaging agents: Cardiolite®, Myoview® and Technescan® Q12. The three agents were compared for ease ofExpand
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An in vitro model to assess mechanisms and efficacy of a cellular conduit for treatment of avascular meniscal injuries
Tears in the avascular portion of the knee meniscus are commonplace and are frequently incapable of healing spontaneously. Delivery of synovial cells from the meniscal periphery to avascular injuriesExpand
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