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Modifying the product pattern of Clostridium acetobutylicum
Clostridial acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) fermentation is a natural source for microbial n-butanol production and regained much interest in academia and industry in the past years. Due to theExpand
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Automated sampling device for monitoring intracellular metabolite dynamics.
An automated sampling device coupled to a stirred tank reactor was developed for monitoring intracellular metabolite dynamics. Sample flasks fixed in transport magazines were moved by a step engineExpand
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Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the biotechnological production of succinic acid.
The production of bio-based succinic acid is receiving great attention, and several predominantly prokaryotic organisms have been evaluated for this purpose. In this study we report on theExpand
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Experimental design for fermentation media development: statistical design or global random search?
  • D. Weuster-Botz
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of bioscience and bioengineering
  • 2000
The diversity of combinatorial interactions of medium components with the metabolism of cells as well as the large number of medium constituents necessary for cellular growth and production do not permit satisfactory detailed modelling. Expand
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Human Chymotrypsinogen B Production with Pichiapastoris by Integrated Development of Fermentation and Downstream Processing. Part 1. Fermentation
Based on an integrated approach of genetic engineering, fermentation process development, and downstream processing, a fermentative chymotrypsinogen B production process using recombinant PichiaExpand
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Metabolic profiling of Escherichia coli cultivations: evaluation of extraction and metabolite analysis procedures
The quantitative estimation of intracellular metabolite concentrations (metabolic profiling) is a prerequisite for a better understanding of biological processes and thus inevitable for the rationalExpand
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Comparative characterization of novel ene‐reductases from cyanobacteria
The growing importance of biocatalysis in the syntheses of enantiopure molecules results from the benefits of enzymes regarding selectivity and specificity of the reaction and ecological issues ofExpand
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Bacterial Anaerobic Synthesis Gas (Syngas) and CO2+H2 Fermentation.
Anaerobic bacterial gas fermentation gains broad interest in various scientific, social, and industrial fields. This microbial process is carried out by a specific group of bacterial strains calledExpand
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Development, parallelization, and automation of a gas-inducing milliliter-scale bioreactor for high-throughput bioprocess design (HTBD).
A novel milliliter-scale bioreactor equipped with a gas-inducing impeller was developed with oxygen transfer coefficients as high as in laboratory and industrial stirred-tank bioreactors. TheExpand
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Reaction engineering analysis of hydrogenotrophic production of acetic acid by Acetobacterium woodii.
Great interest has emerged in biological CO₂-fixing processes in the context of current climate change discussions. One example for such a process is the hydrogenotrophic production of acetic acid byExpand
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