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Screening of pulmonary hypertension in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and silicosis by discriminant functions.
The calculated discriminant functions are appropriate for screening patients with risk of pulmonary hypertension and are recommended to select patients who should undergo an invasive examination of pulmonary haemodynamics. Expand
[Indications for diagnostic thoracoscopy, based on biopsy results of 400 studies].
It is reported on the results of 401 thoracoscopies that the main indication for thoracoscopic examination was the differential diagnosis of pleural effusions, and lympho-plasmacellular infiltrates were found in all cases of non-specific pleurisies. Expand
[Effects of laparotomy on respiratory function in patients without and with pre-existing respiratory compromise].
The direct effect of the upper laparotomy on the ventilation and the parameters FVC and FEV1 were decreased for 50-20% in an inverse relation to the preexisting degree of respiratory dysfunction and the arterial PO2 decreased about 2 kPa (15 mm Hg). Expand
[Thoracoscopic lung biopsy (author's transl)].
It is found that air embolism is excluded only by unilateral ventilation of the non-biopsied lung of the patient via a channel of Carlens' double-lumen catheter, a special instrument for thoracoscopic lung biopsy. Expand
[Cardiac risks in bronchoscopy].
[Clinical ergometry in cardio-pulmonary functional disorders--a comparison of the usual ergometric technics].
Compared to the intake of oxygen as a measure for the stress of the cardiorespiratory system by means of the ergometric methods recommended by the research group diseases of heart and circulation significantly higher minute volumes of the heart rate were established. Expand
[Bronchospasmolytic test].
Bronchodilation test using metered aerosols is a simple but extraordinary reliable method of respiratory functional diagnostics that concerns the diagnostic classification of the obstructive bronchopulmonary diseases. Expand
[Different patterns of latent pulmonary hypertension under physical exercise and their clinical significance].
The investigations pointed out that responses of the pulmonary hemodynamic in patients with COLD on physical exercises are highly different from those in normal subjects. The findings of pulmonaryExpand
[Consecutive bilateral bronchography--technic, adverse effects, indications].