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A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth
This paper examines whether the Solow growth model is consistent with the international variation in the standard of living. It shows that an augmented Solow model that includes accumulation of human
Measuring Economic Growth from Outer Space
A statistical framework is developed that uses satellite data on lights growth to augment existing income growth measures, under the assumption that measurement error in using observed light as an indicator of income is uncorrelated with measurementerror in national income accounts.
Population, Technology, and Growth: From Malthusian Stagnation to the Demographic Transition and Beyond
This paper develops a unified model of growth, population, and technological progress that is consistent with long-term historical evidence. The economy endogenously evolves through three phases. In
The Gender Gap, Fertility and Growth
This paper examines a novel mechanism linking fertility and growth. There are three components to the model. First, increases in capital per worker raise women's relative wages, since capital is more
Saving and Growth with Habit Formation
Saving and growth are strongly positively correlated across countries. Recent empirical evidence suggests that this correlation holds largely because high growth leads to high saving, not the other
Accounting for the Effect of Health on Economic Growth
  • D. Weil
  • Economics, Medicine
  • 1 July 2005
This work uses a variety of methods to construct estimates of the return to health, which is combined with cross-country and historical data on several health indicators including height, adult survival, and age at menarche, to construct macroeconomic Estimates of the proximate effect of health on GDP per capita.
The Baby Boom, the Baby Bust, and the Housing Market
Post-1500 Population Flows and the Long Run Determinants of Economic Growth and Inequality
A matrix is constructed showing the share of the year 2000 population in every country that is descended from people in different source countries in the year 1500, with ethnic groups originating in regions having longer histories of organized states tending to be at the upper end of a country's income distribution.
Mobile Banking: The Impact of M-Pesa in Kenya
M-Pesa is a mobile phone based money transfer system in Kenya which grew at a blistering pace following its inception in 2007. We examine how M-Pesa is used as well as its economic impacts. Analyzing