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A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth
This paper examines whether the Solow growth model is consistent with the international variation in the standard of living. It shows that an augmented Solow model that includes accumulation of humanExpand
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Measuring Economic Growth from Outer Space
GDP growth is often measured poorly for countries and rarely measured at all for cities or subnational regions. We propose a readily available proxy: satellite data on lights at night. We develop aExpand
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Population, Technology, and Growth: From Malthusian Stagnation to the Demographic Transition and Beyond
This paper develops a unified model of growth, population, and technological progress that is consistent with long-term historical evidence. The economy endogenously evolves through three phases. InExpand
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The Gender Gap, Fertility and Growth
This paper examines a novel mechanism linking fertility and growth. There are three components to the model. First, increases in capital per worker raise women's relative wages, since capital is moreExpand
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Saving and Growth with Habit Formation
Saving and growth are strongly positively correlated across countries. Recent empirical evidence suggests that this correlation holds largely because high growth leads to high saving, not the otherExpand
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Accounting for the Effect of Health on Economic Growth
I use microeconomic estimates of the effect of health on individual outcomes to construct macroeconomic estimates of the proximate effect of health on GDP per capita. I use a variety of methods toExpand
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Saving and Growth: A Reinterpretation
We examine the relationship between income growth and saving using both cross-country and household data. At the aggregate level, we find that growth Granger causes saving, but that saving does notExpand
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The Baby Boom, the Baby Bust, and the Housing Market
This paper explores the impact of demographic changes on the housing market in the US, 1st by reviewing the facts about the Baby Boom, 2nd by linking age and housing demand using census data forExpand
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Post-1500 Population Flows and the Long Run Determinants of Economic Growth and Inequality
We construct a matrix showing the share of the year 2000 population in every country that is descended from people in different source countries in the year 1500. Using the matrix to adjustExpand
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Appropriate Technology and Growth
We present a model of growth and technology transfer based on the idea that technologies are specific to particular combinations of inputs. Expand
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