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Chiral silylation reagents for the determination of absolute configuration by NMR spectroscopy.
These reagents are prepared in high chemical yield in one step and can be used to derivatize chiral allylic alcohols which are incompatible with ester-based methodologies, and are readily distinguished by their (1)H NMR spectra. Expand
Iridoid biosynthesis in staphylinid rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Philonthinae).
A detailed account of iridoid biosynthesis in rove beetles is constructed, which resembles the biosynthetic route in leaf beetle larvae, but exhibits distinct stereochemical differences. Expand
Cycloalkene budding: mass spectrometric studies of competitive and dual cycloalkene extrusion reactions from doubly unsaturated aldehyde N,N-dimethylhydrazones.
Mass spectral fragmentation pathways of four doubly unsaturated aldehyde N,N-dimethylhydrazones were investigated using EI-MS and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) and a rapid cascade of cycloalkene budding accounts best for the experimental observations. Expand