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Shifting the Focus: From Static Structures to the Dynamics of Interpretation
Language and Meaning Relevance Theory and Implications for Linguistic Structure The Hungarian Data Focus and Grammar Focus and Quantifier Distribution Dynamic Structured Meanings: Predication andExpand
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Effect of internal irrigation on frictional heat generated from bone drilling.
Frictional heat generated during bone drilling was reduced by internal irrigation compared with external or no irrigation. This was based on an in vitro study using two bur designs at low rotationalExpand
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Hungarian ‘ focus position ’ and English it-clefts : the semantic underspecification of ‘ focus ’ readings
Analyses of the so-called ‘focus position’ of Hungarian hav e been influential in the development of discourse-semantic and syntactic theories, b ut have generally failed to consider contextualised,Expand
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The meanings of focus: The significance of an interpretation-based category in cross-linguistic analysis1
Focus is regularly treated as a cross-linguistically stable category that is merely manifested by different structural means in different languages, such that a common focus feature may be realisedExpand
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Shared assumptions: Semantic minimalism and Relevance Theory1
  • D. Wedgwood
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Linguistics
  • 22 October 2007
Cappelen & Lepore (2005, 2006a, 2007) note that linguistic communication requires ‘shared content’ and claim that Relevance Theory makes content sharing impossible. This criticism rests upon twoExpand
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Predication and information structure : a dynamic account of Hungarian pre-verbal syntax
Hungarian focus position is typically thought of as a central example of a dis course con gurational phenomenon since it not only involves the expression of information structural or discourseExpand
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Gingival metastasis from primary hepatocellular carcinoma. Report of a case.
A case of primary hepatocellular carcinoma metastatic to the gingiva is described. Hepatocellular carcinoma is an uncommon malignancy, generally occurring in a cirrhotic liver, which rarelyExpand
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Tuberose sclerosis with unilateral involvement of the maxilla and mandible: a case report.
Abstract A case of tuberose sclerosis (Bourneville's disease) is presented. The case is unusual in showing gross unilateral distortion of the facial structures.
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The fibrinolytic system with special reference to its relevance to oral surgery.
  • D. Wedgwood
  • Medicine
  • The British journal of oral surgery
  • 1 July 1970
Summary 1. A brief outline of current knowledge of fibrinolysis is given. 2. Two oral surgery cases with abnormalities of the fibrinolytic system are discussed and the treatment of one of them withExpand
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Experience with ITI osseointegrated implants at five centres in the UK.
Experience with the two-part ITI titanium implant system at five centres in the UK is reported. A total of 461 implants were inserted in 176 patients, who received 189 prostheses. Criteria for theExpand
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