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Emerging Infectious Diseases in Free-Ranging Wildlife–Australian Zoo Based Wildlife Hospitals Contribute to National Surveillance
Emerging infectious diseases are increasingly originating from wildlife. Many of these diseases have significant impacts on human health, domestic animal health, and biodiversity. Surveillance is theExpand
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Alimentary Canal Anatomy and Diet of the Nurseryflsh, Kurtus gulliveri (Perciformes: Kurtidae), from the Northern Territory of Australia
The alimentary canal and diet of nursery fish, Kurtus gulliveri, are described based on 50 specimens (average size 223 mm SL) collected from the Adelaide River, near Darwin, Northern Territory,Expand
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Observation of Egg Carrying by Male Nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri (Perciformes: Kurtidae), and Natural History Notes from Northern Australia
Egg carrying by male nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri Castelnau, 1878, is often cited in literature reviews of parental care, but rarely witnessed in nature. During 20 field trips in October andExpand
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Analysis of otolith 87Sr/86Sr to elucidate salinity histories of Nurseryfish Kurtus gulliveri (Perciformes:Kurtidae) in a tropical lowland river in northern Australia
The Nurseryfish Kurtus gulliveri is found in estuarine and freshwater reaches of tropical rivers in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Nurseryfish have been recorded in salinities rangingExpand
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Reproductive anatomy, gonad development and spawning seasonality of nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri (Perciformes : Kurtidae)
The nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri, of northern Australia, is remarkable for the fact that the males carry the egg mass on a supraoccipital hook on their forehead. Plankton samples of larvalExpand
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Does a bigger mouth make you fatter? Linking intraspecific gape variability to body condition of a tropical predatory fish
In gape-limited predators, gape size restricts the maximum prey size a predator is capable to ingest. However, studies investigating the energetic consequences of this relationship remain scarce. InExpand
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A Microtomographic Osteology of the Supraoccipital Hook of Nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri (Perciformes: Kurtidae)
The Nurseryfish, Kurtus gulliveri, is known for “forehead brooding” parental care behavior in which the adult male carries the egg mass on a hook that overhangs the “forehead” region. This hook isExpand
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Unravelling the taxonomy and identification of a problematic group of benthic fishes from tropical rivers (Gobiidae: Glossogobius).
Flathead gobies (genus Glossogobius) include around 40 small to medium sized benthic fishes found primarily in freshwater habitats across the Indo-Pacific, having biodiversity value as well asExpand