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Which SMEs Use External Business Advice? A Multivariate Subregional Study
The authors examine factors that influence the propensity of a firm to take up external business support across four large English towns, using random effects nominal probit regression analysis toExpand
Policies to stimulate growth: should we invest in health or education?
Empirical studies in the literature on economic growth have focused on the affect of education and yet Knowles and Owen (1995, 1997) found health, proxied by life expectancy, to be highlyExpand
Real wages, inflation and labour productivity in Australia
This article presents an analysis of real wages, inflation and labour productivity interrelationships using cointegration, Granger causality and, most importantly, structural change tests.Expand
Money demand stability: A case study of Nigeria
This paper presents an empirical investigation into the level and stability of money demand (M1) in Nigeria between 1960 and 2008. In addition to estimating the canonical specification, alternativeExpand
Attracting Convention and Exhibition Attendance to Complex MICE Venues: Emerging Data from Macao
This study presents an importance-performance analysis of multi-level attributes (event, facility and destination) evaluated by delegates attending an exhibition event in a ‘complex meetings,Expand
Which exhibition attributes create repeat visitation
Abstract This study identifies exhibition attributes deemed important by attendees’ in determining their attendance at the UK biennial MICROSCIENCE 2008 exhibition using a self-administeredExpand
Environmental Kuznets curves: mess or meaning?
There may be relationship between output and environmental degradation. The shape of this relationship is proposed to be an inverted ‘U’ shape for a number of pollutants. The purpose of this paper isExpand
Adopters and non‐adopters of internet banking: a segmentation study
Purpose – This study examines internet banking adoption and resistance behaviour in Greece in order to develop profiles of adopters and non‐adopters of the service. The aim is to illustrateExpand
Job satisfaction: how crucial is participative decision making?
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to empirically examine the role of perceived ability to participate in decision making in the workplace, with respect to job satisfaction.Expand
Business Productivity and Area Productivity in Rural England
Webber D., Curry N. and Plumridge A. Business productivity and area productivity in rural England, Regional Studies. Rural area productivity and rural business productivity measure different things.Expand