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Ecotourism In The Less Developed World
The less developed world ecotourism in the less developed world ecotourism in Costa Rica ecotourism in Kenya ecotourism in nepal ecotourism in Thailand ecotourism in the Caribbean and South PacificExpand
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Progress in tourism management Twenty years on: The state of contemporary ecotourism research
The ecotourism literature is focused on market segmentation, ecological impacts of wildlife viewing, and community-based ecotourism, but there has been minimal attention to critical areas such asExpand
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Ecotourism as mass tourism: contradiction or reality?
Abstract The original view of ecotourism as specialized adventures experienced by a small group of hardy travelers is expanding to include so-called “soft” ecotourists, who are far more numerous andExpand
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Overnight Ecotourist Market Segmentation in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Australia
Very little is known about the characteristics of overnight ecolodge patrons. This study reports on the results of a questionnaire that was completed by 1,180 individuals who had stayed at least oneExpand
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Magnitude of ecotourism in Costa Rica and Kenya
Abstract An examination of ecotourism patterns within Costa Rica and Kenya reveals differential magnitudes across an array of relevant criteria. If measured in terms of specialized accommodations,Expand
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Resident Perceptions in the Urban–Rural Fringe
Abstract Recognizing the importance of tourism in the urban–rural fringe of developed countries, this study examines resident perceptions of tourism on Tamborine Mountain, a destination in theExpand
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Indigenous tourism stages and their implications for sustainability
This paper assesses the evolution of the relationship between tourism and indigenous peoples. Based on published work on indigenous tourism in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, aExpand
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Peripheries of the periphery: Tourism in Tobago and Barbuda
  • D. Weaver
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 1 April 1998
Abstract Using the two Caribbean archipelagic states of Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua and Barbuda as case studies, this paper explores the interaction between tourism and the internalExpand
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