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The structural geometry, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of the Everest massif, High Himalaya of Nepal–South Tibet
This paper presents a new geological map together with cross-sections and lateral sections of the Everest massif. We combine field relations, structural geology, petrology, thermobarometry andExpand
Dating the geologic history of Oman’s Semail ophiolite: insights from U-Pb geochronology
Eclogites from the deepest structural levels beneath the Semail ophiolite, Oman, record the subduction and later exhumation of the Arabian continental margin. Published ages for this high pressureExpand
Two episodes of monazite crystallization during metamorphism and crustal melting in the Everest region of the Nepalese Himalaya
New monazite U-Pb geochronological data from the Everest region suggest that ∼20–25 m.y. elapsed between the initial India-Asia collision and kyanite-sillimanite–grade metamorphism. Our resultsExpand
The History of Granulite-Facies Metamorphism and Crustal Growth from Single Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: Namaqualand, South Africa
The Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex is a well-exposed, INTRODUCTION Mesoproterozoic, low-pressure, amphibolite–granulite-facies terrane flanking the Archaean Kaapvaal Craton of southern Africa.Expand
Structural evolution, metamorphism and restoration of the Arabian continental margin, Saih Hatat region, Oman Mountains
Abstract 170 m.y. of relatively stable passive margin sedimentation along the northern continental margin of Arabia was abruptly terminated during the Cenomanian–Turonian (∼95 Ma) when the OmanExpand
Metamorphism, Melting, and Extension: Age Constraints from the High Himalayan Slab of Southeast Zanskar and Northwest Lahaul
We present evidence for two distinct stages of Tertiary metamorphism (M1 and M2) in the High Himalayan Slab of southeast Zanskar and northwest Lahaul, as well as evidence for an older, pre‐HimalayanExpand
Attenuation and excision of a crustal section during extensional exhumation: the Carratraca Massif, Betic Cordillera, southern Spain
Extensional dismemberment of the Betic Cordillera during Late Oligocene to Early Miocene time caused attenuation and excision of a crustal section overlying mantle peridotite. An integrated study ofExpand
Assessing the extent of disequilibrium and overstepping of prograde metamorphic reactions in metapelites from the Bushveld Complex aureole, South Africa
Andalusite–staurolite–biotite hornfels metamorphosed beneath the mafic layered rocks of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa, preserves a detailed record of the relative timing of porphyroblast growthExpand
Tectonic evolution of the Mogok metamorphic belt, Burma (Myanmar) constrained by U‐Th‐Pb dating of metamorphic and magmatic rocks
[1] The Mogok metamorphic belt (MMB) extends for over 1500 km along the western margin of the Shan-Thai block, from the Andaman Sea north to the eastern Himalayan syntaxis. Previous geochronology hasExpand
Plate velocity exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure eclogites in the Pakistan Himalaya
U-Pb ages of zircon and allanite from the coesite-bearing ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) units in the Kaghan Valley, northern Pakistan, demonstrate that peak UHP metamorphism along the northern margin ofExpand