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HILOG: A Foundation for Higher-Order Logic Programming
A novel logic is described, called HiLog, which has a higher-order syntax and allows arbitrary terms to appear in places where predicates, functions, and atomic formulas occur in predicate calculus. Expand
XSB as an efficient deductive database engine
Performance comparisons indicate that XSB is significantly faster than other deductive database systems for a wide range of queries and stratified rule sets. Expand
XSB: Extending Prolog with Tabled Logic Programming
  • T. Swift, D. Warren
  • Computer Science
  • Theory and Practice of Logic Programming
  • 22 December 2010
A survey of TLP and its applications as implemented in the XSB Prolog, along with discussion of how XSB supports tabling with dynamically changing code, and in a multi-threaded environment is provided. Expand
Efficient Access Mechanisms for Tabled Logic Programs
The design, implementation, and experimental evaluation of data structures and algorithms for high-performance table access, which uses tries, a variant of discrimination nets, as the basis for tables, and a novel technique of substitution factoring is proposed. Expand
Efficient Model Checking Using Tabled Resolution
XMC is presented, an XSB-based local model checker for a CCS-like value-passing language and the alternation-free fragment of the modal mu-calculus, written in under 200 lines of XSB code. Expand
The Logic Programming Paradigm: A 25-Year Perspective
This exciting new text reveals both the evolution of this programming paradigm since its inception and the impressively broad scope of current research in the field. The contributors to this book areExpand
Tabled evaluation with delaying for general logic programs
This work addresses all three problems for goal-oriented query evaluation of general logic programs by presenting tabled evaluation with delaying, called SLG resolution, which has three distinctive features: it has a polynomial time data complexity for well-founded negation of function-free programs. Expand
An argumentation semantics for logic programming with explicit negation
The paper presents two novel results: A theory of argumentation which can handle different kinds of conflicts between arguments Based on the newly developed theory of argumentation we define a simpleExpand
Xsb as an Eecient Deductive Database Engine
This paper describes the XSB system, and its use as an in-memory deductive database engine. XSB began from a Prolog foundation, and traditional Prolog systems are known to have serious deecienciesExpand
Automatic Mode Inference for Logic Programs
This paper considers the problem of automatically inferring the models of the predicates in a program and gives a sound and efficient treatment of variable aliasing in mode inference, and describes an efficient implementation based on the dynamic generation of customized mode interpreters. Expand