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Identification of a Novel Polyomavirus from Patients with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections
We report the identification of a novel polyomavirus present in respiratory secretions from human patients with symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection. The virus was initially detected in aExpand
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Early life dynamics of the human gut virome and bacterial microbiome in infants
The early years of life are important for immune development and influence health in adulthood. Although it has been established that the gut bacterial microbiome is rapidly acquired after birth,Expand
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Raw Sewage Harbors Diverse Viral Populations
ABSTRACT At this time, about 3,000 different viruses are recognized, but metagenomic studies suggest that these viruses are a small fraction of the viruses that exist in nature. We have exploredExpand
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Human stool contains a previously unrecognized diversity of novel astroviruses
Human astroviruses are a leading cause of gastrointestinal disease. Since their discovery in 1975, 8 closely related serotypes have been described in humans, and more recently, two new astrovirusExpand
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Complete genome sequence of a highly divergent astrovirus isolated from a child with acute diarrhea
BackgroundAstroviruses infect a variety of mammals and birds and are causative agents of diarrhea in humans and other animal hosts. We have previously described the identification of several sequenceExpand
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Klassevirus 1, a previously undescribed member of the family Picornaviridae, is globally widespread
BackgroundDiarrhea is the third leading infectious cause of death worldwide and is estimated to be responsible for approximately 2 million deaths a year. While many infectious causes of diarrhea haveExpand
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Tobacco, a highly efficient green bioreactor for production of therapeutic proteins
Abstract Molecular farming of pharmaceuticals in plants has the potential to provide almost unlimited amounts of recombinant proteins for use in disease diagnosis, prevention or treatment.Expand
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Gut DNA viromes of Malawian twins discordant for severe acute malnutrition
Significance Childhood malnutrition is a global health problem not attributable to food insecurity alone. Sequencing DNA viruses present in fecal microbiota serially sampled from 0- to 3-y-oldExpand
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Regulation of intestinal cholesterol absorption.
  • D. Wang
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of physiology
  • 16 February 2007
The identification of defective structures in the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters ABCG5 and ABCG8 in patients with sitosterolemia suggests that these two proteins are an apical sterol exportExpand
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miR-33 controls the expression of biliary transporters, and mediates statin- and diet-induced hepatotoxicity
Bile secretion is essential for whole body sterol homeostasis. Loss‐of‐function mutations in specific canalicular transporters in the hepatocyte disrupt bile flow and result in cholestasis. We showExpand
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