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Inferring landscape effects on gene flow: a new model selection framework
Populations in fragmented landscapes experience reduced gene flow, lose genetic diversity over time and ultimately face greater extinction risk. Improving connectivity in fragmented landscapes is nowExpand
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Rates and patterns of landscape change in the Central Sikhote-alin Mountains, Russian Far East
We used Landsat imagery and GIS to quantify the rates and patterns of landscape change between 1972 and 1992 for a 734,126 ha forested study area in the central Sikhote-alin Mountains of the RussianExpand
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Rates and patterns of landscape change between 1972 and 1988 in the Changbai Mountain area of China and North Korea
Satellite imagery was used to quantify rates and patterns oflandscape change between 1972 and 1988 in the Changbai MountainReserve and its adjacent areas in the People‘s Republic of Chinaand NorthExpand
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Spatial scaling and multi-model inference in landscape genetics: Martes americana in northern Idaho
Individual-based analyses relating landscape structure to genetic distances across complex landscapes enable rigorous evaluation of multiple alternative hypotheses linking landscape structure to geneExpand
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The Pacific Northwest of the United States is currently embroiled in an acrimonious debate over the management of federal forest lands. Constructive resolution of this debate will require betterExpand
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Two Decades of Carbon Flux from Forests of the Pacific Northwest
Earth`s climate is greatly influenced by carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. Besides combustion of fossil fuels, another important anthropogenic source of atmospheric carbon isExpand
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Comparison of managed and pre-settlement landscape dynamics in forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA
Abstract The landscape structure of forests subjected to wildfires fluctuates through time as a result of the episodic nature of these disturbances and long-term variation in the climatic conditionsExpand
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A Landscape Plan Based on Historical Fire Regimes for a Managed Forest Ecosystem: the Augusta Creek Study
Summary Introduction Cissel, John H.; Swanson, Frederick J.; Grant, Gordon E.; Olson, Deanna H.; Stanley, Gregory V.; Garman, Steven L.; Ashkenas, Linda R.; Hunter, Matthew G.; Kertis, Jane A.; Mayo,Expand
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Coral reef habitat discrimination using multivariate spectral analysis and satellite remote sensing
Coral reefs are important both biologically and economically, but are under increasing pressure from pollution and human-induced disturbance. Coral reefs are often remote, relatively large andExpand
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