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The Armenian Americans
Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Armenians, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America.
We Are All Nationalists, We Are All Localists@@@In the Midst of Perpetual Fetes: The Making of American Nationalism, 1776-1820
In this innovative study, David Waldstreicher investigates the importance of political festivals in the early American republic. Drawing on newspapers, broadsides, diaries, and letters, he shows howExpand
Rites of Rebellion, Rites of Assent: Celebrations, Print Culture, and the Origins of American Nationalism
During the past decade a great change has occurred in the way American historians see parades and other celebratory rituals. No longer do parades merely provide seductive introductory vignettes andExpand
The Struggle against Slavery: A History in Documents
From slave ships to plantations to freedom, The Struggle Against Slavery traces the remarkable history of the heroic fight to end slavery, from its North American beginnings in the early 1600s to itsExpand
Lafayette in Two Worlds: Public Cultures and Personal Identities in an Age of Revolutions
Lafayette in Two Worlds: Public Cultures and Personal Identities in an Age of Revolutions. By Lloyd Kramer. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1996. Pp. xii, 345. Illustrations. ClothExpand
Reading the Runaways: Self-Fashioning, Print Culture, and Confidence in Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-Atlantic
Run away in July last, from Nicholas Everson, living in East-NewJersey, two miles from Perth-Amboy ferry, a mulatto Negroe, named Tom, about 37 years of age, short, well-set, thick lips, flat nose,Expand