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The ARPA Network Design Decisions
Abstract A number of key decisions made in the design of the ARPA network over a five-year period serve as the context for an analysis of the fundamental properties and requirements ofExpand
The interface message processor for the ARPA computer network
The ARPA Network will initially interconnect many dissimilar computers at ten ARPA-supported research centers with 50-kilobit common-carrier circuits, but the network may be extended to include many other locations and circuits of higher bandwidth. Expand
A system for interprocess communication in a resource sharing computer network
A system of communication between processes in a time-sharing system is described and the communication system is extended so that it may be used between processes distributed throughout a computerExpand
Mesospheric observations using a 2.66-MHz radar as an imaging Doppler interferometer: Description and first results
We have made measurements in the 60–100 km region using a 2.66-MHz radar operated as an imaging Doppler interferometer. This allows us to view the entire region within 24° of zenith simultaneously,Expand
Improvements in the design and performance of the ARPA network
In late 1968 the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense (ARPA) embarked on the implementation of a new type of computer network which would interconnect, via common-carrierExpand
An operational system for computer resource sharing
An operational system for providing “resource sharing” is described; some “fundamental principles” are abstracted from the experience gained in constructing the system; and some generalizations are suggested. Expand
Issues in packet switching network design
Several of the key design choices that must be made in specifying a packetswitching network are identified and some insight is provided in each area. Expand
Terminal Access to the ARPA Network: Experience and Improvements,
Abstract : Experience with terminal access to the ARPA Network via the Terminal IMP is described, some problems and responses noted, and possible future directions suggested. (Author)
Reliability issues in the ARPA network
Since the inception of the ARPA Network1 in 1969, this role has provided a unique opportunity for study of the problems of network reliability and the effects of attempted improvements, particularly in the context of rapid network growth. Expand