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Ecological Relationships of the Fish Fauna on Coral Reefs of the Marshall Islands
FOOD AND FEEDING HABITS BY TAXONOMIC CATEGORIES ..... 71 Carcharhinidae ........ 71 Triakidae 71 Orectolobidae ......... 71 Mobulidae 71 Dussumieridae ........ 71 Clupeidae 72 Ophichthidae .........Expand
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The Diet and Dentition of Isistius brasiliensis, with Remarks on Tooth Replacement in Other Sharks
Twenty-two central Pacific specimens of the pelagic shark Isistius brasiliensis were captured by midwater trawls and plankton nets operated at night. Eight specimens were dissected; their anatomy wasExpand
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A New Hawaiian Engraulid Fish
THE OCEANIC SKIPJ ACK or aku ( KatsuUJonus pelamis ) is commercially the most important fish in the Hawaiian Islands. Thi s tuna is captured by pole and line, using live bait as chum. Cf the severalExpand
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Further Notes on the Identification and Biology of Echeneid Fishes
ATTEMPTS TO IDENTIFY several small echeneid fishes revealed that some of the more useful adult characters are not present in the young. Specifically, disk length, pectoral fin rigidity, body and finExpand
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Some Aspects of the Feeding Behavior of Remora remora
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The Hawaiian Fishes of the Family Moringuidae: Another Eel Problem
A SIMPLE attempt to identify the Hawaiian species of the family Moringuidae has brought us face to face with another "eel problem." In some ways our difficulties parallel those encountered many yearsExpand
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