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A Phylogenomic Study of Birds Reveals Their Evolutionary History
Deep avian evolutionary relationships have been difficult to resolve as a result of a putative explosive radiation. Our study examined ∼32 kilobases of aligned nuclear DNA sequences from 19Expand
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Prehistoric Extinctions of Pacific Island Birds: Biodiversity Meets Zooarchaeology
On tropical Pacific islands, a human-caused "biodiversity crisis" began thousands of years ago and has nearly run its course. Bones identified from archaeological sites show that most species of landExpand
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Mesozoic Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs
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Prehistoric Extinctions on Islands and Continents
Geological extinction of a continental megafauna of Holarctic mammoths, American ground sloths, and Australian diprotodonts, to name a few mammalian examples, rivals pulsing ice sheets andExpand
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Phylogenomic evidence for multiple losses of flight in ratite birds
Ratites (ostriches, emus, rheas, cassowaries, and kiwis) are large, flightless birds that have long fascinated biologists. Their current distribution on isolated southern land masses is believed toExpand
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Extinction of birds in Eastern polynesia: A review of the record, and comparisons with other Pacific Island groups
The study of bones from archaeological sites in Eastern Polynesia has revealed much late Holocene extinction of birds. Because this extinction has been found in all Eastern Polynesian archipelagosExpand
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Extinction & Biogeography of Tropical Pacific Birds
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Prehistory and human ecology in Eastern Polynesia: Excavations at Tangatatau Rockshelter, Mangaia, Cook Islands
The Tangatatau Rockshelter (site MAN-44, Mangaia, Cook Islands) has produced one of Eastern Polynesia's most comprehensive chrono-stratigraphic sequences of artifacts, vertebrate and invertebrateExpand
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