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Accuracy of nonfocused helical CT for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis: a 5-year review.
OBJECTIVE The clinical usefulness of routine, nonfocused helical CT was evaluated in diagnosing acute appendicitis or providing an alternative diagnosis in patients presenting to the emergencyExpand
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Creation of radiofrequency lesions in a porcine model: correlation with sonography, CT, and histopathology.
OBJECTIVE We studied the correlation between sonographic and CT appearances of radiofrequency thermal lesions created in porcine liver and histopathologic findings to evaluate the accuracy of theseExpand
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Minimizing diaphragmatic injury during radio-frequency ablation: efficacy of subphrenic peritoneal saline injection in a porcine model.
PURPOSE To investigate if a targeted subphrenic peritoneal infusion of normal saline to separate liver from diaphragm before radio-frequency (RF) ablation could minimize or eliminate diaphragmaticExpand
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Effect of vessel size on creation of hepatic radiofrequency lesions in pigs: assessment of the "heat sink" effect.
OBJECTIVE The effect of vessels and their size on radiofrequency lesion creation in the liver was evaluated with respect to potential for vascular injury and perfusion-mediated "heat sink" effect. Expand
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Patient Gender-Related Performance of Nonfocused Helical Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
Objective To determine the impact of patient gender on the performance of helical computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Materials and Methods From January 1, 1996 toExpand
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Anesthetic management in Joubert syndrome
We review the anesthetic implications of Joubert syndrome and report that spinal anesthesia under intravenous propofol sedation proved satisfactory for repair of an inguinal hernia in a spontaneouslyExpand
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Feature stabilized digital x-ray coronary angiograms improve human visual detection in JPEG compressed images.
We evaluate the effect on human visual detection of a display method that stabilizes the motion of the feature of interest in sequential JPEG compressed x-ray coronary angiogram images. At all levelsExpand
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Fecundity, fertility, and developmental stage survivorship of Eretmapodites quinquevittatus.
This laboratory study analyzed fecundity, fertility (percentage hatched), and developmental stage survivorship of Eretmapodites quinquevittatus. Fecundity for females averaged 190.4 eggs, whereasExpand
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