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Kitaev chains with long-range pairing.
A generalization of the Kitaev chain for fermions with long-range p-wave pairing is proposed, which decays with distance as a power law with exponent α, and the existence of two types of gapped regimes is demonstrated.
Topological massive Dirac edge modes and long-range superconducting Hamiltonians
We discover novel topological effects in the one-dimensional Kitaev chain modified by long-range Hamiltonian deformations in the hopping and pairing terms. This class of models display
Long-range Ising and Kitaev models: phases, correlations and edge modes
We analyze the quantum phases, correlation functions and edge modes for a class of spin-1/2 and fermionic models related to the one-dimensional Ising chain in the presence of a transverse field.
Dynamics of entanglement entropy and entanglement spectrum crossing a quantum phase transition
We study the time evolution of entanglement entropy and entanglement spectrum in a finite-size system which crosses a quantum phase transition at different speeds. We focus on the Ising model with a
Correlations and quantum dynamics of 1D fermionic models : new results for the Kitaev chain with long-range pairing
In the first part of the thesis, we propose an exactly-solvable one-dimensional model for fermions with long-range p-wave pairing decaying with distance l as a power law 1/lα. We studied the phase
Symmetry-protected topological phases in lattice gauge theories: Topological QED2
The interplay of symmetry, topology, and many-body effects in the classification of phases of matter poses a formidable challenge in condensed-matter physics. Such many-body effects are typically
Singular dynamics and emergence of nonlocality in long-range quantum models
We discuss how nonlocality originates in long-range quantum systems and how it affects their dynamics at and out of the equilibrium. We focus in particular on the Kitaev chains with long-range
Algebraic localization from power-law couplings in disordered quantum wires
We analyze the effects of disorder on the correlation functions of one-dimensional quantum models of fermions and spins with long-range interactions that decay with distance $\ell$ as a power-law
Loops and Strings in a Superconducting Lattice Gauge Simulator.
An architecture for an analog quantum simulator of electromagnetism in 2+1 dimensions, based on an array of superconducting fluxonium devices, and shows how to engineer Gauss' law via an ancilla mediated gadget construction, and how to tune between the strongly coupled and intermediately coupled regimes.